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Larissa Ruggiero of Chelmsford, owner and master esthetician at LR Beauty Spa, and Shannon Ovington-Alvarez of Haverhill, owner of Blue Lotus Salon are now in one Chelmsford office.

The Blue Lotus Salon

The red-light treatment

One of the treatment rooms at LR Beauty Spa

The yellow-light treatments

A client receives a steamed facial.

One of the immaculate treatment rooms

Some of the products for clients can purchase

Larissa Ruggiero, owner of LR Beauty Spa gives Nena Coffey of Billerica a lash lift and tint service.

Sabrina Pontes of Tewksbury performs a lash lift and tint on Maria Oliveira of Chelmsford.

Ollie loves the new combined spa and salon.

Here's a look of 15 Fletcher St., Unit 3, in Chelmsford, the new home of LR Beauty Spa and Blue Lotus Salon.

Shannon Ovington-Alvarez, owner of Blue Lotus Salon, works on the hair of Maggie Chanquet of Salem, N.H.

Larissa Ruggiero, owner of LR Beauty Spa, and Sabrina Pontes master esthetician are up on the latest techniques.

LR Beauty Spa & Blue Lotus Salon have teamed up and renovated a brand-new beauty space in the heart of Chelmsford.
The dynamic duo — LR Beauty Spa owner Larisa Ruggiero, a master esthetician, and Shannon Ovington-Alvarez, hair perfectionist and owner of Blue Lotus Salon — have combined the two separate businesses into one location where you can get the royal treatment from all types of hair services, facials, waxing, lashes and more.
They are highly educated in the latest techniques, skills and trends in facials, waxing, makeup and eyelash extensions. They take pride in providing a unique experience to each of their clients, specifically tailoring every appointment to fit his or her individual needs.
In the ever-changing field of skin care and lash artistry, they are constantly educating themselves with the newest technologies and cutting-edge ingredients. Larisa and her team love to share their gowning knowledge with each and every one of their clients as they always make it a priority to educate them to help them meet their needs and alleviate any concerns. It is both personally and professionally rewarding to them to make you feel better about yourself.
Special thank-you to Larisa for the great information and pics, and best wishes to all.
The shops are located at 15 Fletcher St., Unit 3, in Chelmsford. Follow them at, on Facebook at LR Beauty Spa, or on Instagram @larissalashartist, @estheticsbysabrina and @bluelotussalon13.


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