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DENVER — For one Denver barber shop, the county’s latest move to Level Red on the state’s COVID-19 dial seems to have confused some customers. 
On a typical Saturday in the pandemic, Tony D Barbershop would have a queue of customers waiting in their cars for a trim or cut. Only 10 people are allowed inside at a time, five customers and five barbers. 
The capacity restriction falls within state health guidelines. Under Level Orange, personal service capacity was restricted to 25% or 25 persons, the same is true for Level Red. Though on Friday, Wendy McElroy, a barber and stylist of 24 years, spent the day answering questions over the phone.
“If we were open, what our new restrictions were, what our hours were. Yesterday, unfortunately, we had hardly any business. I really think people thought we were closed because red meant closed back in March,” McElroy told 9NEWS.
She wants people to know salons and other personal services are still open.
Along with following the state’s capacity restrictions, Tony D Barbershop is taking precautions to keep customers and employees safe.
At Tony D’s we are taking names, phone numbers, and temperatures as people enter. We are having everyone sanitize and everyone is wearing masks and gloves. If they’re not inside getting an appointment or service done, they are to be waiting in their car,” McElroy said. 
She attributes the weekend dip in business to confusion over the state’s dial framework.
“We are commission-based employees. We don’t make money unless we’re doing services yet we need to be here in case we do get a walk-in,” the stylist explained.
McElroy hopes business will rebound as Coloradans comfortable with the precautions being taken have a better understanding of the latest changes to the COVID-19 dial.
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