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OREGON, Ohio — Local hair salons are experiencing a spike in people calling in to book appointments. 
It’s causing a longer than usual wait time for those of you who want to get in quickly. 
“My hairstylist Amanda, I’ve been coming to her for a long time. She always makes me feel younger and more capable, and I get very relaxed when I’m here,” said Penny Vogel, a client at the Future Wave Salon
Vogel is willing to drive an hour and a half from her home in Michigan to make it to her appointment at the Future Wave Salon
The Oregon business is seeing a lot more people looking for a cut and style. 
“We’re seeing a lot of new customers. People calling in, wanting to get in day-of appointments. We use to be able to do that, but we’re so busy now; we’re booked about four to six weeks in advance that we can’t get everybody in, so we have a long waitlist,” said Toni Leitch, the salon manager at the Future Wave Salon
Leitch says being busy is a blessing right now, especially after they were forced to close their doors during the pandemic. 
“The thing that we’ve come up with is people are maybe worried that things might will close down again. So they want to make sure that they’ve got their appointments. Or they’re finding they couldn’t get in, so then they’re booking ahead,” said Leitch. 
She says some clients also feel more comfortable coming in after being vaccinated. 
The influx is creating a long wait time, but people like Vogel say it’s worth it. 
“It’s nice to have choices because we haven’t had a lot of choice in our life over this pandemic. So at least I have a choice about that,” said Vogel. 
Although the wait could turn some people away, Vogel is adamant that some self-care is just what the doctor ordered. 
“If you think you need a little boost and you can get it into your budget, I highly recommend it. It just makes you feel more capable,” said Vogel. 
The Future Wave Saloon says its best advice for you is to take the appointment you can get, then ask to be put on a cancellation list. 
This way, the salon can call you if anyone decides to cancel last minute. 
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