World's most expensive home on sale with its own night club & 50 seat cinema –

The world’s most expensive home has finally been put up for sale, but now it could skyrocket in mega-cut price transactions.
Nicknamed “The One,” La Superpad spans more than 100,000 square feet and features 21 bedrooms, four pools, a bowling alley, and a 360-degree view of Southern California from a great location in Bel Air. I can do it.
Other features include a beauty salon, a 45-seat IMAX cinema, and a garage for 30 cars.
Thirteen of the 20 bedrooms are in the main building, and the vast 5,500-foot master suite is itself twice the size of an average American home.
Except for the moat and indoor spa, there is also a running track and at least 4 swimming pools.
The highbrow is said to include friends star Jennifer Aniston and Tesla’s boss Elon Musk.
But initially worth a staggering $ 500 million, the property is now available at a discounted price after the owner’s financial difficulties.
But as reported by CNBCThe sale is not simple – it was buried in $ 165 million with heavy debt and loans.
This includes Hankey Capital’s LA Billionaire Don Hankey (which lent over $ 115 million to Nami and provided a default notice in March) and Yogi Securities Holdings, which held over $ 36 million in Zawan. ..
CNBC also reports that the project owes about $ 1 million to air conditioning, concrete and tool companies.
This means that the Los Angeles County Superior Court will require you to sell your property at a significantly discounted price.
The Ted Lanes of Lanes Management, which is said to be the finishing touch to the Superpad, said: That maximizes value. “
“Hopefully, we’ll get enough money from the sale to fund secured and unsecured creditors and allow equity to realize some value.”
Meanwhile, the appetizing interior that sellers want to attract potential buyers was designed by Nile Nami, who turned from a film producer to a developer who has been working on properties for over seven years.
Until recently, the exact layout and specifications were kept secret, but photos of the size of the huge house he wanted to sell to the highest bidders appeared.
In last year’s interview, he said he was “I’m willing to test the market” Like he set a price tag to moisturize his eyes.
He states: “When you have something unusual like the Mona Lisa, you can command it as you like.”
The previous record for America’s most expensive home is now the $ 238 million penthouse purchased by Manhattan hedge fund billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin.
Nearly $ 500 million exceeds the reported $ 275 million that Chinese tycoons are paying for a mega-mansion in Knightsbridge, London, with a world record of 300 million paid by Prince Saudi to the French chateau. It will be dollars.
The architect behind the project is Hollywood designer Paul McClean. Recent clients include modern-day princes and princesses of Bel Air, including Bitcoin billionaires, Winklebos twins, and the style icon Calvin Klein.
But real estate expert Jonathan Miller said the house’s eye-catching features actually hurt sales.
He told Bloomberg last year: “The problem is that the more amenities you add, the more personalize your property.
“We aim to get the property eye-catching, but because we personalize it, the size of the pie on the market can be small.
“It’s a very small and very tight market.”
Previously, another Bel Air super-condominium, once the most expensive home in the United States, turned out to be problematic to shift, despite its spectacular design.
The 38,000-square-foot property, called Billionaire, was listed by developer Bruce Makovsky for $ 250 million, but was eventually sold for $ 94 million in October 2019, a 62% discount. rice field.
And a major block of Beverly Hills called The Mountain (listed for $ 1 billion despite being undeveloped) was sold at auction for $ 100,000 in 2019.
Another home, called the luxury Bel Air real estate, where America’s most expensive The Beverly Hillbills were filmed, $ 160 million beat the $ 350 million asking price.
Developer Nami has previously used a gold-covered half-naked model to promote another LA mansion named Opus, which sold for $ 100 million in 2017. ..

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