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Kylie Cruikshank, left, and Genevieve Tyrrell, both 34, have revealed how they came up with their heatless curler
A high school teacher and hairdresser have launched a beauty gadget after seeing a ‘hair hack’ on TikTok that promised perfect curls in minutes, but was harder than it looked.
Genevieve Tyrrell and Kylie Cruikshank, both 34 and from Bondi, tried the trick where hair is wrapped around a bathrobe tie. 
‘The problem with bathrobes is that the tie is very thick and long and if you are like me and don’t have one you don’t want to spend $70 just to try a TikTok hack,’ school teacher Gen told FEMAIL.
‘It also just didn’t work well.’
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Gen set her mind to creating a product that would work, and called in her close friend, Kylie, who is a hairdresser to help.
Together they came up with the $24.95 Heatless Curl sash that’s ‘actually good for your hair’. 
‘I think I just invented a product because I wanted it,’ Gen laughed.  
Gen, who is a self-confessed low-maintenance woman, says it takes her just 10 minutes to do her hair in the morning when she uses the curler.
She simply wraps her hair up in the curler the night before, sleeps in it and then unwraps it before she heads to work.
‘The curls last a lot longer than you would expect, I am on day five with them now,’ she said.
‘The problem with bathrobes is that the tie is very thick and long and if you are like me and don’t have one you don’t want to spend $70 on one just to try a TikTok hack,’ school teacher Gen told Femail
It’s been popular with parents with daughters because it makes mornings easier, the pair said 
The design looks rather simple but a lot of trial and error went into making it.
The cord is 170cm long, 3cm wide and made out of terri-towelling which works to extract any moisture from the hair while you sleep.
‘This is perfect for me, being the lazy girl that I am, because I can just throw it straight into the wash with my towels,’ she said.  
The women have seen huge success with the product – and were surprised by how many mums bought it for their daughters.
‘It’s for the everyday girl, so mums are loving it because it’s a huge time-saver in the morning, when they need every minute,’ Kylie said. 
The curling method is heat free which means a lot less damage to hair
The tie is comfortable to sleep in which makes it good for children – although it should be used under supervision
They are now planning to stock the curler at hairdressing salons, starting with Kylie’s own salon.
‘It gives women options and can give them the confidence to use it at home,’ the hairdresser said.
‘We offer it as a service now, so they get their hair wrapped and see how it’s done, then they get to keep the sash and can do it on their own at home.
‘It also means if they come in late one afternoon we can wrap their hair so they can have amazing hair at work the next day, which many of our customers prefer.’
The styler was developed after the women saw the above TikTok hack but realised the method wouldn’t work for most women
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The design differs to other heat-free curlers because it is a tie, rather than a tube. 
‘This makes ours less bulky and more comfortable to sleep in,’ Gen said. 
‘Some stylers are made with silk, but we found hair just slipped out of these,’ she added.
Gen is pictured here with her stock of heatless curlers in her home office 
Heated curlers are ‘great’ but only for occasional use, Kylie explained.
She said they were not designed for everyday use because they inevitably damage hair, making it frizzy and harder to style long term.
Gen says it now takes her just five minutes in the evening to wrap and five minutes in the morning – but people new to the styler should set aside 10 minutes to get it done. 
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