Who needs a barber when you’ve got this 14-piece Wahl clipper set? – SFGate

Wahl Cordless Mini Pro Clipper Kit
I hate to be a Negatory Nancy here, but it sure looks like we’re gonna have to start rescheduling our haircuts again soon. Thanks, Gov. DeSantis! At the very least, this battery-powered Wahl Cordless Mini Pro Clipper Kit should help ease the transition back to the Bathroom Barber. 
Made for touch-ups, trims, and beard pruning (is that what it’s called?) this professional clipper set uses self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades to give your beard and hair barber-level attention without the awkward chatter or tip. Tame unruly beards and trim Dan Mattingly-approved sideburns that’ll keep you looking like a human being as opposed to a zoo animal in chinos.  
Included in the set you get 14 touch-up and trim attachments along with a blade guard, batteries, mustache comb, head comb, and a cleaning brush.  
Touch-up, trim, and more with this battery-powered Wahl Cordless Mini Pro Clipper Kit for $14.96 on Amazon 
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