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We can hardly believe it’s time for a 2022 trends piece already, but here we are.
As the western world continues cautiously down the path of recovery, we’ve been keeping a close eye on what recovery means for the hospitality industry going forward. Certain global concerns were impacting our industry pre-Covid (ethical travel, climate change, impact on the environment) and when we look at guest feelings, habits, patterns and concerns since travel has opened up, it seems Covid has magnified those issues and brought them forward so that no-one in the hospitality industry can feign ignorance.
With an estimated 47% of people working remotely post-pandemic, it would be silly to disregard workationers in 2022. In fact, workationers have only gotten started.
Being given the ability to work remotely means many of your guests will be able to either tack on a few days either end of their holiday, and also means they could decide they need a change of scene entirely while they see out their working week, and so they book a few days or week away. Always consider this type of guest when you are crafting your packages going forward, and in fact, it will do you well to create a package specifically for them. Entice this cohort by talking about your facilities that will enhance their working day, and include treats for them to avail of during their precious downtime.
To be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the global hotel industry will need to reduce its carbon footprint by 90% by 2050
A study led by Southern Cross University in 2019 showed that 93% of people surveyed indicated a general concern for the environment. As well as this, 77% said they wanted to learn how to live more sustainably. Like we said earlier, Covid has accelerated people’s awareness of and need to take part in travel that is more sustainable – recent research from Expedia Group showed travellers surveyed want to support sustainable practices, with 59% willing to pay higher fees to make their trip more sustainable.
As a business, it’s so important both for the planet and for your customers that you continue making steps towards sustainability. You will save money by becoming more sustainable, given the fact that it should involve reducing your energy and water consumption.
Mobile technology bridges the gap between the customer and the hotel itself
We have seen exponential growth in mobile performance across revenue and traffic over the last year. During the summer, mobile revenue contributed 60% of all revenue and mobile traffic came in at 77%. With so many people viewing and booking your hotel via mobile, it’s crucial you invest in the right technology that will allow your guest’s experience to be as seamless as it would be on desktop – even more so if possible!
Our award winning booking engine is mobile-optimised
In 2023, it is projected that there will be over 295 million mobile internet users. Currently, approximately 83% of the US population are mobile internet users. Give them a flawless booking experience or lose potential guests at your peril.
As well as mobile, using smart technology products to personalise your guest experience will be crucial. Think things like email, pre and post-stay.
About 91% of consumers are more willing to consume products by brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations
Other smart technology will also be helpful in enhancing the guest experience. Things like offering wifi throughout your property, contactless check-in (via mobile), making your rooms ‘smart’ rooms with the likes of voice-activated controls and casting devices that will bring guest convenience to another level!
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