Whangārei barber robbed of thousands of dollars' worth of gear in Raumanga – New Zealand Herald

Rawiri Sergeant gives a haircut to his brother in the shed which he turned into a hair cutting place in his home. Photo / Supplied.
A young barber was robbed of his barbering gear after his car was broken into on Saturday night.
Professional barbering equipment worth $2000, including a barber’s briefcase, new pair of scissors, and new clippers and groomers were stolen from Rawiri Sergeant’s car when it was parked outside his house in Raumanga.
Sergeant found his car in place the next morning, but the back window was broken and the ignition was damaged.
He had purchased the car a few months back and it took him a year to save up for his professional set of barber gear.
“The robbery is definitely a setback as I now have to find a ride to work each day and I am unable to cut hair without my gear.”
The young man and his girlfriend have a baby on the way and he is struggling to get her to her scans and midwife appointments without a car.
“I did not have insurance so I am unsure how long it will take to recover from the break-in and theft.”
His mother, Diana Sergeant, said he worked for two years in different barbershops in Whangārei to save up for the barbering gear and his car.
“He did a lot of work during the weekends and provided service to people who were not able to make it to the shop, often without a fee.
“He’s very passionate about the art and has been cutting hair since he was 8 years old.
“He would cut his schoolmates’ and his little brother’s hair when he was just a little kid.”
Sergeant has filed a police complaint against the robbery but is very unhappy with their response.
“Unfortunately, the police have not been around to even take the fingerprints.
“There have been car break-ins in the area before, but police have never done anything about it,” he claims.


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