'We still have a lot to do': UPS gives Barber Scotia $20000 grant – Independent Tribune

Representatives from UPS presented a $20,000 grant to Barber Scotia College late Friday and plans to have volunteers out to take care of repair and ground maintenance.
CONCORD —The United Parcel Service (UPS) gave a $20,000 grant to Barber Scotia College on Friday to go toward renovations, technology and student recruitment.
At the grant presentation Friday Sept. 10, Henry Beards, UPS director of health and safety, said there is a lot of opportunity in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the community.
“I know this is a university that has a lot of history and this is a university, from our standpoint, that needed help, not only from a community but from a corporation,” Beards said. “Our goal is to do what ever we can do to jumpstart them and support them.”
This isn’t the first time Barber Scotia and UPS have partnered. In 2020, UPS met with Barber Scotia’s board of directors and asked how the college needed to be supported. UPS gave the college a $7,500 grant for beautification of the college grounds and brought volunteers to the college to help with repairs and ground maintenance. In 2020, the volunteers participated in a total of over 1,000 community service hours as part of a Neighbor to Neighbor program.
Beards said community service is the most important part and confirmed the volunteers will be back this year.
“We still have a lot to do especially from the Neighbor to Neighbor hours to help assist there,” he said. “The most important thing is from a Neighbor to Neighbor standpoint, getting out and helping the university where we can.”
Karen Soares, chairperson for the college’s board, said the grant will go toward technology on campus, student recruitment, and renovations at the college’s House of Innovation and Business Complex.
Soares said Barber Scotia was grateful to UPS not only for the grant but for the numerous volunteer hours it has put in at the campus and the future hours it has pledged to put in at the school.
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Representatives from UPS presented a $20,000 grant to Barber Scotia College late Friday and plans to have volunteers out to take care of repair and ground maintenance.
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