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The following video is of the speech given on Saturday, October 30 at Brentwood City Park by Holley Bishop during the Freedom Rally.
The rally comes after Contra Costa County Health confirmed  that as of Thursday, they have received a total of 145 complaints since the vax-verifcaiton order went into effect on Sept. 22. In total, 66 of the complaints are for alleging violation of the vaccination order.
Note – Photos from the event can be viewed on our Instagram Page.
Earlier in the week, In-N-Out Burger was shut down by Contra Costa Health Services. It started in Pleasant Hill, but ultimately all In-N-Out closed indoor dining and are now doing drive thru only. Other businesses in the county have also received warnings and fines.
On Saturday, speakers included proponents of both vaccine and mask choice, choice in the workplace, choice in education, and an end to the state of emergency in California. They support choice and the removal of mandates – it is inaccurate to label our effort as anti-vaccine or anti-mask.
They are respectfully requesting that the State of California, Elected Officials, Contra Costa County Supervisors, Health departments, and fellow community members – Consider the following:
Full Speech:
I want to thank you all for coming out today to rally for our freedoms. I started this journey over the summer and it started with a rant about the mask mandates in my child’s school. I was frustrated because last year we were told if we got vaccinated we didn’t have to wear a mask. And teachers lined up. Many concerned about the vaccine but they did it anyways for the kids. Then we were told that not only did the teachers have to mask but so did every child over two years old. I’ve seen the videos of children in preschools forced to wear masks.
Someone call it child abuse. It’s just sad. So I asked for names and contact info so we can rally together.
Once the mandates went state wide and not just to the schools I took it to our city Council. All while gathering names. I have met so many people and heard so many unjust stories it’s sad and it Has to end.
Many people want to know who I am and who I work for. And my response has always been that I am just a mom, I’m just a person like you, who has a regular job. I don’t have a group or sponsors, and I’m not paid to do this. I’m here to get our freedom back so my child and your children can grow up in a free America.
To the government officials. Do you see the people now? You may have millions but we are the majority and this will end. You lied to us.
“ two weeks to flatten the curve“
“ get a vaccine and you don’t need a mask”
”get the vaccine and it will all go away“
and then the government did the unspeakable.
The Emmy awards for the rich and famous with no mask all while in close quarters, dine and rub elbows with your lobbyist unmasked at the French laundry all while you shut down every other restaurant in California, and then they get their hair done when all salons were closed and call it a set up. This is beyond disgusting and it will end.
The truth is Covid is not ever going away. You don’t need to be a doctor to understand this. Take the Spanish flu of 1912. The flu is still around and kills people- over 100 years later. This will be Covid. People will die, people will be hospitalized, and people will get sick, and some not. This is a reality and we all know this.
As of yesterday, per Johns Hopkins only 2% of infected people have died from Covid worldwide since Covid started… 2%. We are fighting for the right to live how we want. The people have heard the stories about vaccines and how it limits the severity of the illness. But people still have the right to choose. It shouldn’t matter if I’m vaccinated and I want to eat at a restaurant with someone unvaccinated.
The CDC says and I quote “ vaccinated people can still become infected and have the potential to spread the virus to others“ this is just like the unvaccinated. So tell me government why can’t I eat as one without discrimination? And then the government came after our babies. And I never knew how dark politics were until now. It’s sad to see a country go from we the people to politicians with investors. The American pediatric society, the one mandating mask for children, their biggest supporter is Pfizer. The government is trying to mandate vaccines for our children when the CDC says and I quote “ most children with COVID-19 have mild symptoms or they may have no symptoms at all“ in 22 1/2 months 657 children have died from Covid most with underlying conditions but in the 2017 through 2018 flu season usually 11 weeks but that season was about 16 weeks 186 children died but the flu vaccine was not mandated because we are a free country.
One thing that should also change is the CDC should publicly report Numbers Of adverse effects from the covid vaccine in children-not just infected and deaths. We are only getting information from our friends and family and we know about the heart inflammation in children from the vaccine. This is unacceptable and will not be swept under the rug.
And then the government thought it was OK to terminate our Frontline heroes. To the nurses who held patients hands and went to the hospital in the beginning when we didn’t know about Covid, thank you. Thank you to all first responders. Today we stand united. We want vaccine choice, mask choice, Stop the vaccine mandates, stop the discrimination. History has taught us not to discriminate. No one should be discriminated against. This is not what the majority of small businesses want. Stop terminating Frontline heroes, stop threatening to deny education for a lack of a vaccine when the vaccine hasn’t even finished a long-term fertility study.
Recognize natural immunity like the CDC does for other viruses. Government-listen to the scientific studies that a person who contracted COVID and has a natural immunity has antibodies 27 times higher then the vaccine. It does not make sense to immunize especially when the CDC doesn’t make immunizations for other viruses once contracted.
Many people asked where we go from here. First by coming here this is huge. Look around. This is the majority. To the government do you see this? We will win. Evil never prevails.
Second I’m navigating and researching charter laws I may be wrong but from what I understand charter laws can supersede state constitutions. Take proposition H in San Francisco. How San Francisco obtained a law that goes against the constitutional right to bear arms is they made a charter law. To make a charter law you have to become a charter City. Once done you need 8% of a city signature to have it on a ballot. If it passes by popular vote it can become a charter law. Which can supersede state constitutions.
So Brentwood city Council, city manager, and city attorney you have my contact information but has still not returned my call. I want to work with you and if you continue to ignore, I will tell the people The city ignores it citizens but I will also Pursue the answers .
Thirdly we can stand up. There is a group out there that works primarily with businesses. I was floored when I heard that the health department was fining businesses for not discriminating. $250 for the first fine $500 for the second fine, and on the third they shut businesses down.
My freedom rally has made it their mission to stand peacefully with you at your business if you are shut down down. But this groups need your help. If you want to join this movement scan the QR code and send your information. Businesses if you want to stand they will be there. No one should have to discriminate. But people they need your help. At a moments notice the health department could go there and the People need to be there in numbers at a moments notice and it has to be peaceful.
We need to get our freedoms back.
Florida you opened up completely and right now you have the lowest rate of COVID rate in the nation. Do you hear that Gavin??? Let me say it again…open up. Let Florida be an example. Learn from your peers, listen, and look around. I look around and I see good people, people who want happiness, to be together, to live, and prosper.
I’ve seen smiles and laughs, kids playing and life. Don’t let this get you down. God is on our side. Evil will never prosper. We will win, we are the majority. And before I go I thought it best to give you my contact information.
Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I will add you to my list and together we will win.
Thank you for coming today. Thank you for standing together for our freedoms. Thank you to my freedom leaders who have helped me through this. Let’s support our small business in town. 
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Holley, if you and your friends would cooperate with the people in the country that are really doing their duty to their friends, family, and fellow citizens this would have been over long ago. You are standing in the way of progress and causing innocent people to die. Are you proud of your self-aggrandizing and acting tough when you are really just ignorant and repulsive? Over 700,000 dead now because of you and your GOP friends making stupid arguments. Grow up dnad show your poor children that you too can be a responsible adult!
Florida Deaths per 100,00: 0.59, Daily average deaths: 126.7 rank 13th best chance to die.
California Deaths per 100,000: 0.24, Daily average deaths: 93.9 rank 37th best chance to die.
Statistics as of yesterday,
Florida population 2021: 21.6 million
California population 2021: 39.7 million
Florida has 35% more deaths per day from Covid-19 despite having about half the population of California.
So Holley are you just ignorant of the real statistics and facts, or are you knowingly lying to the people of Brentwood, CA. Either way you owe them a retraction and an apology. If you have any integrity Momma Bear.
I been trying to leave a comment regarding these false and lying numbers from a liberal but East County Today won’t let me comment on these lies.
David you are a Loyal Brown Shirt…..1933 ….. History will verifi your greatness…….What could go wrong?
Week ending Oct 29 California 7 day average cases 6,018, Florida 7 day average is 1,736. There is a higher fatality rate in Florida, factors could be Median age in Florida is 5.5 years older,& almost 1% higher Obesity rate. could be other factors.
I think it’s funny that people have signs saying Fire fighters need medical and the majority of these folks are conservatives. News flash- Republicans think medical is expensive, but these people keep voting Republican…..
Open up everything 100%, but if you willingly refused the vaccine then you don’t get priority with hospitalization. In fact IF YOU ARE ANTI-VAX THEN DONT GO TO THE HOSPITAL. If you don’t believe in science, then stick to your guns and stay home to pray and use your essential oils. These idiots probably want to bring back polio, smallpox and other eradicated diseases.
There is no shortage of ignorant people that are more than willing to submit to government overreach. Interesting how angry the vaxxers are. If your scared then stay inside, Wear a mask forever, continue to get booster after booster. You arent doing anything heroic. Just live your life and mind your business .
People have a choice!
Vax doesn’t mean much different than non vax.
You can still get, give it and die from it.
Live your own life!
David ,
It is people like you who are the problem. You state “facts” but any hospital will tell you they put ANY death as a covid death. You got killed in a car crash ? – covid , u died from cancer , – covid ect. The people spreading the virus are the vaccinated . Dont you know anything about the study done in Israel ? Israel is mostly vaccinated and has the most breakthrough cases , the vaccine is not working. On the CDC website this is an actual quote ” VAERS received 9,143 reports of death (0.0022%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS,” ( . SO are you responsible David for all 9,143 deaths ? If you keep blaming the unvaccinated for causing deaths ( not true ) then we can blame you for the deaths of the people that had no illness but got the vaccine and now are dead . See how stupid that way of blaming is ? If I dont want to get the vaccine , it has nothing to do with you so mind your own business and stop trying to play doctor . Also covid has a 99 percent survival rate. Watch this video
watch this too
they keep lying to everyone.
Your numbers are a lie and every liberal always lie about the Florida numbers. Last data is CA 139 death by 100.000 and Florida 150 death by 100.000. Cases are CA 8.918 per 100.000 and Florida 9.018 per 100.000. Typical liberal lies.
How many died because of COVID since last year? How many died of the common flu since last year? Don’t cherry pick your numbers and fudge your statements. Yes, the last pandemic was a century ago and we are now dealing with another and need to take action by all to stop this. Please make this speech to the families of the 700,000+ people who have died due to COVID. Ignorance can be a bliss until it hits you.
“Freedom Rally” I group of hypocrite mouth breathers circle jerking.
David Williams adjust your deaths for age and average life expectancy and the numbers balance out. If you want to compare things compare the same things. Mask do nothing to stop the spread. The vaccine does not prevent contraction or or transmission and it’s efficacy wears off in month. Children are not at any significant risk from COVID. If you want to live your life doing what you are told even when it makes no sense that’s your choice.
It was a very Nice group of people at the rally yesterday. Thank you to everyone who put it on. Contrary to what David Williams may think; the persistance of the ‘pandemic’ has nothing to do with uncooperative people, the GOP or any other BlueANON bogeyman he wants to conjure up. This is a naked power grab and attempt to undermine the American way of life. It only stops when normal people gather together to say ‘ENOUGH! WE WILL NOT COMPLY’. This rally perfectly encapsulated this. Thank you again to the organizers and to all who attended to make your voices heard.
Why would the owner of this blog that acts like a journo care? Other than asking for donations, what value does this rag have? Let’s get tweeting on this clown show.
The argument of people losing their freedom is so ridiculous! Political nonsense. Tell that to people who have lost loved ones to COVID.
This women has no credibility whatsoever. What’s that old saying? “Those who have the least to say usually shout the loudest.”
How is it different than the anti-cop marches that occurred last year? Perhaps because its news. I don’t see you making a donation, pipe down.

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