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TEXAS, USA — Rosé all day, yes way rosé! You’ve read the captions on Instagram. Casey Barber knows them all! The rosé aficionado took her passion for the pink wine and turned it into her own brand through the power of networking.
With her own wine label, Casey Barber is the woman you want at your party.
“I have no bad memories drinking rosé,” says Casey Barber.
Great memories are a big reason the former nurse practitioner and stay-at-home-mom collaborated to create Rose Gold, a Provence Rosé.
“I knew somebody in the wine business who said yes, you can do this if you want to make your own rosé there are people that will help you,” says Barber.
Most of her connections in the wine industry are the result of networking, Casey says if you’re not a people person – practice!
“Advice that was given to me, and I followed it is take every meeting, take every meeting. Even if you think that person isn’t going to help further you or offer anything or it’s maybe a waste of your time or it’s not in line with your vision – go! That is what networking is and I have had what feels like now thousands of those coffees or happy hours with people throughout the last four years,” says Barber.
Conversations that ultimately helped Casey produce her rosé, made and bottled in the south of France, but based in Texas and distributed all over the state.
Casey reached out to restaurants she frequented to get her bottles on the same tables she likes to dine.
“There’s no time limits on anything anymore and that would be my word of encouragement if somebody is sitting at home watching this right now and you have an idea or if you want to break out of the mold you’ve been in because you want to try something different, just take the leap of faith and do it,” says Barber.
When you do, embrace the uncomfortable from packaging to price point, Casey had a hand in all of it.
“I must force myself to face the numbers and face those kinds of things now having my own business, it does not come naturally to me at all,” says Barber.
Casey says Rose Gold has a little bit of weight on the palette so, where some rosés water off on the end, Rose Gold sticks with you allowing the wine to pair with chicken and fish.
You can learn more about Casey Barber at rosegoldwine.com
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