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As the holidays quickly approach, F.C. residents can visit their local businesses to check out a variety of unique items they can give to their family, friends or even themselves. Whether it be toys, electronics or even the classic Christmas ornament, local businesses can offer holiday gifts that are new and popular among kids and adults alike.

At Rare Bird Coffee, coffee lovers will be curious about the Acacia Coffee Scale, which is designed to “make coffee brewing an experience in precision, pleasure and ease.” The coffee scale has visual tools that teaches one to control their pouring in real time and improve the overall brewing ability by “achieving extraction ratios every time.” It is sold for $150.

For one with a sweet (and spicy) tooth, Disturbingly Delicious Foods offers a wide range of condiments, sauces, dips and more. Hot Sauces ($8 — $12), Truffle Sauces ($12) and BBQ Sauces ($7 — $8) are just the right gifts to spice someone’s holiday season.

Stylish Patina is a lifestyle boutique that offers gifts in fashion, candles and DIY paints. Holiday pillows ($23.95 — $26.95), holiday kitchen towels ($7.95 — $24.95) and DIY kits ($25.95 — $39.95) are great gifts to give to oneself or others to get into the holiday spirit.

For a child, toys will definitely make it on the list for Santa. Doodlehopper 4 Kids provides a unique selection of “award-winning and educational” toys, such as the Groovy Glowing Candy Lab and the Magic Mixies Mixlings. The Groovy Glowing Candy Lab ($19.99) allows children to create their own crazy and delicious treats in various “groovy” shapes and sizes. Magic Mixies Mixlings ($5.99) allows a child to be even more surprised by tapping a wand onto the plastic cauldron and revealing a tiny, magical creature. For a very unique family-friendly gift, The Toy Nest — a toy lending play space — has a special this week ending on December 3rd for their membership.

Just like adults, children also may want to dress up for the holidays. Lemon Lane provides holiday pajamas ($18.99), holiday dresses and jumpers ($14.99 — $18.99) and smock holiday dresses with Christmas-themed designs ($22.99). These various types of clothing are sure to make one’s child get into the holiday spirit.

Galleria Florist provides a gift for those who enjoy nature with Kenkashi, a probiotic for soil. Kenkashi can be used not just for soil, but for the kitchen and compost as well. One’s garden, houseplants and septic systems can gratefully benefit from this item. It is being sold for $25.

Brown’s Hardware offers realistic bird houses for those who enjoy wildlife, as well as nature, for $22.99. Shaped like a modern-day house or a barn, these can be both a gift to a person as well as to a flying friend, who can enjoy the larger space while nibbling on some bird seed.

Falls Church Antiques Center offers both older and newer items for those who prefer classic things or want to experience newer things. Christmas ornaments ranging from $1 — $8 can spruce up one’s Christmas tree, as well as give it a vintage feel based on the look and feel of them. For those wanting to decorate their home for their holidays in a unique way, a wood spiral Christmas tree for $80 is something that can cause one’s eye to raise with awe and wonderment.

Arts and crafts lovers will want to visit Dominion Camera for their Matte Photo Paper. Being sold for $22 for 20 pages, Matte Photo Paper can allow one to still take amazing photos, but also allow both children and adults to create various crafts that can be folded into things such as a teddy bear or a dinosaur. Clay Cafe Studios offers pottery kits one can take home with them to paint. Gnome Lighted Tree Kit ($65), Palm Tree Lighted Kit ($65) and Flat Ornament To-Go Kits ($40) are great for craft-lovers who want to design their own pottery at home.

At the Falls Church Farmers Market, various vendors feature unique items for one to gift themselves or others. Chantilly High School Assistant Principal Zach Winfrey creates his own holiday wooden signs that are perfect for decorating one’s home for the holidays. Prices vary per wooden sign. For just plain art enthusiasts, various Falls Church Arts Gallery artists offer some of their pieces at the Falls Church Farmers Market. These pieces can range from paintings to models and can be the perfect gift for those who want to spruce up their living space or office area with a unique design. Art pieces range in price.

Temalle LTD. offers handmade African baskets and accessories at the farmers market. These baskets come in a variety of sizes and colors, even having been bought by Charlottesville-native Dave Matthews. They will be back at the farmers market on December 17th with prices varying based on the basket. Soaps are always popular despite the season, and Oaklane Soapworks offers a range of sweet-smelling scents as well as soaps made from natural ingredients. From Grapefruit, Coconut & Lime to Dirt for “earthy folks,” Oaklane Soapworks will be selling their soaps for $8 at the farmers market.

Botanologica offers gift-buyers plants, apothecary and decor, including Ceramic Guinea Hens made and painted by hand in the south of France. These unique decorations range in price from $154 — $200, and are sure to add an interesting vibe to one’s household.

Want to look fabulous for a holiday party or wedding? Zoya’s Atelier is a bridal boutique that offers beautiful dresses, jewelry and other accessories for someone’s special day. A bedazzled, gorgeous purse can range from $2,100 — $2,970, while a matching set of earrings and bracelet cost $475 and $345.

Penzeys Spices offers themed spice gift boxes filled with various spices, including a make-your-own spice kit. These gift boxes include a Kind Heart Gift Box, Grill & Broil Mini Gift Box, Bakers’ Mini Gift Box and more. Prices range from $17.95 — $21.95 and are perfect for those who enjoy cooking and baking.
For a book-worm, One More Page provides holiday-themed books in sections such as romance, mystery and overall fiction. Prices range from $16 — $17.

Foxes Music Company, Action Music and CD Cellar are places to visit when looking for musical gifts at various price ranges. Foxes Music offers various musical instruments, such as guitars, violins and even ukuleles. Action Music has a range of guitars, including electric, acoustic and bass. CD Cellar provides vinyl records, CDs and DVDs of one’s favorite artists.

For those who would like to give the gift of health and fitness, check out area yoga, pilates and massages offered by places such as Thai Yoga & Massage. This Little City-based yoga and massage studio offers gift cards for those wanting to improve their physical and mental health.

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