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The Union Promenade took a major step forward last week.
The Union city commission approved a zoning map amendment for the nearly 62-acre site where a mixed-use concept with office space, housing, and outlet buildings for retail and restaurant spaces could be forthcoming.
The $150 million proposed project includes 50 single-family residences and roughly 300 multi-family units.
It is located at 9253 and 9357 Old Union Road (U.S. 42 between the Villas of Fowler’s Creek and the Union Fire Station).
The building architecture and signage will meet the requirements as outlined in the 2000 Union Town Plan, the city said in an announcement. 
The city expects a safe and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant walkable commercial district.
According to the 2020 Census, the City of Union is now home to 7,416 residents. 
The Union Promenade will help sustain community growth by providing new services and job opportunities to residents, the announcement said. 
“The city commission is dedicated to maintaining the small-town appeal of Union while managing the city’s rapid growth,” Mayor Larry Solomon said. “The Union Promenade project will provide a welcome gathering space and heightened quality of life and services.”
Letters of intent have been received from Taste of Belgium, Dewey’s Pizza, United Dairy Farmers, Villa Mocha Coffee Shop, the Stone Creek Dining Company, Goodwood Brewery, City Bird Tender Store, a Food & Wine Shop, Blaze Cigar Lounge, Kids Story Children Care Center, Lux Lounge Medical Spa, a pet grooming salon, and a beauty salon, the announcement said. 
Additionally, a potential hospital outpatient operation has expressed interest in the 60,000 sq. ft. of office space. 
The Union Promenade is expected to have most commercial lots open in 2023.
-Staff report
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