Toni Trucks Is Pregnant—and Sharing All the Edits She's Made to Her Skin-Care Routine – NewBeauty Magazine

She holds her own as Lisa Davis on CBS’ hit series SEAL Team opposite David Boreanaz, but Toni Trucks—who just announced she is pregnant!—is all about scheduling some much needed spa-time, daily self-care and her (recently switched-up) skin-care routine.
“Although filming and life in general can gobble up your day, I do make a concerted effort to give my body and mind some extra love. Even when traveling for work, my motto is, ‘Make pampering a priority.’ While filming in New York recently, I made sure to find an incredible prenatal massage and make time each morning to jog the reservoir in Central Park. Just those few activities changed my days for the better.”
“I have! There are a fair amount of restrictions on what you can use on your skin while pregnant, so my routine has gotten A LOT simpler. I had already established a wonderful chemical and cruelty-free routine by using Linda Ross Skin Care Products. So I kept that base, and cut out all the extra peels and creams. In hindsight, I was probably overworking my skin in a lot of ways. When I really want to give my skin a treat, I use the Colostrum Mask by Linda Ross. It brightens and tightens your skin for the red carpet or the grocery store. It also gives you a guilt-free glow. It’s a very liberating feeling to leave your skin alone and keep it away from harsh products. It’s cut down on my time in front of the mirror and really tidied up my medicine cabinet.”
“I spend two hours total in hair and makeup before filming each day. Although my character is far from glamorous, we always want her looking fresh and polished. It takes a lot of time to look like you spent no time at all. That being said, I do love the days when ‘Lisa’ is not at work and we can pop on some lashes and little lip.”
“Well, aside from my usual intense enthusiasm for holiday baking, I am really excited about embracing all of the change that will be coming as a new mother. Most of it is unfathomable at this point. But, this interview has been perfectly timed because many of my thoughts fall to my own new beauty in pregnancy. I wake up every day to what feels like a brand-new body. And every day I am finding ways to embrace, nurture and praise the new beauty in those changes. It’s scary and exciting, but a beautiful lesson in self-care and love.”

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