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After being cooped up in a studio apartment with my face muscles tenser, my skin duller, and my chin more in need of professional extractions than ever, I was obsessed with finding a safe facial appointment after getting my two doses of Covid-19 vaccines earlier this summer. "I need a facial," I groaned to my friends, and even though it's unusual for me to splurge on expensive appointments, I decided to book a facial at Savor Spa in New York City's West Village. Having walked past it a few times, I fully expected to find a charming spot where I would be able to lie down and relax — if anything, the thought of being able to safely enjoy a facial appointment was soothing enough. What I didn't expect was how utterly glowy my face would be the next morning, and one product is at the center of it all. 
Founded by Angela Jia Kim and inspired by Korean beauty practices, Savor's spa has been one of those places I had long admired but never taken the leap to try. It's beloved by skincare-obsessives for its small batch products made and developed in the Hudson Valley, and everything used in its facial services came from Savor's own beauty collection. My facialist YuJeong had meticulously examined my face, and upon hearing my main goals were to brighten dull skin and give it a hydration boost, she recommended that I try the spa's Power Peel facial that was designed around the brand's Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. And goodness, her diagnosis was spot on.
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I had communicated my reservations that my sensitive skin had been burned before by exfoliating acid peels, but YuJeong explained that the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel was made with the gentlest of acids, lactic acid, that wouldn't irritate my skin in the slightest. Pumpkin is a natural exfoliant that gently sloughs away dead skin cells, and it lived up to the hype, as it didn't inflame or scald my skin beyond leaving the tiniest tingling sensation. 
The next morning (even after a sweaty HIIT workout the night after my facial), my skin was genuinely glowing from within. My pores were less conspicuous, my under-eye circles lightened, my acne flare-ups less red, and my skin softer than any DIY at-home treatment ever did. I hate taking selfies in general so I opted not to capture the peel and facial's shocking effects, but in the months since, I bitterly regret not doing so — if only to give a more convincing reason for everyone I know to pick up a jar of the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.
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The Pumpkin Enzyme Peel wasn't the only noteworthy product I loved from my facial: Savor's Lavender Toner calmed me from the first spritz, the Truffle Face Cream instantly melted into my skin, and a mix of the brand's Lavender Milk + Honey Face Cake Mask combined with the Manuka Honey Mask and Chamomile Moisture Mask all worked to give me the best facial experience I had in years. It was relaxing, refreshing, and so utterly blissful that I rushed home after my facial to protect my pampered skin from any irritants and potential pollutants from dirty New York City streets.
I'm already hankering for a second visit to Savor Spa, but in the meantime, thankfully Savor's facial products are all shoppable on its website for fans of multi-step traditions in K-beauty or those who want to simply try and replicate a facial-level glow at home. Shop them all below. 
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