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Robbie Nichols
Talia Lacey was attacked in Mingay Road, Thetford, on August 29. – Credit: supplied
A community in Thetford has rallied around a 12-year-old girl after a video of her being attacked by another girl was posted on social media.
Talia Lacey was attacked on August 29 on Mingay Road at approximately 7.30pm. Her attackers were known to her.
Her father, Ben Lacey, received a phone call from his daughter while she was walking home for dinner that day saying that a group of young people were following her home, telling her they were going to beat her up.
The 36-year-old said: “I told her to go to our friend’s house on Mingay Road as it was quicker for her to get there than it was for me to get to her.
Talia suffered bruising on her face due to the attack. – Credit: Ben Lacey
“I warned her to walk along the roads, and not the side alley as it was safer.
“In her panic, she took the wrong turning and as she was about two doors down from her friend’s house, and girl ran behind her and attacked her.”
The assault was recorded on video and posted on social media.
Mr Lacey took to Facebook to make his community aware of what had happened.
He added: “The response has been amazing.
“Me and her mum are so grateful, and it just shows our community’s spirit.
“I heard what the attackers shouted at her on the phone, then watched the video, and as a parent, you go through so many emotions.
“But then we just had so many people in the community supporting us, it was amazing.
“A local hairdresser has booked Talia in to have her hair done after chunks of her hair was pulled out in the attack.”
Chunks of hair that were pulled out of Talia's head during the attack. – Credit: Ben Lacey
Donations are also being collected to replace Talia’s phone which was broken in the fight.
Terry Jermy, a councillor for Thetford Burrell, said: “I think these incidents are rare, but bullying does take place and it is important it is tackled in the local community.
“This does seem to be a particularly awful incident and it is heartening that the community has gathered around the victim like this.
“Even though it does not make up for the incident happening, I hope she takes some comfort from what the community has done for her afterward.”
12-year-old Talia Lacey and her dad Ben Lacey. – Credit: Ben Lacey
Norfolk Police have confirmed they are investigating.
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