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After lockdown, millions of us flocked back to the salons in order to get our much-needed beauty fixes – reigning in overgrown eyebrows being among the most pressing of jobs.
But as amazing as your eyebrows may look once the beautician has worked their magic, your purse is often left feeling a whole lot lighter, which can leave you wondering – is there not a better option?
Brows this good don’t require an expert touch; all you need is a decent pair of tweezers – such as those by Tweezerman
As it turns out, yes. Yes there is. And not only can it save you money, but it’s a whole lot easier than you think when you have the right tools.
Here, we reveal why Tweezerman tweezers are your answer to salon perfect brows every time, and how they can save you time, money and so much more…
Get to grips with great brows
The perfect brow is a must in this day and age, and for years we’ve been told that we have to rely on professional help to get that dream look.
From full, natural-looking brows to classic and elegantly shaped ones, Tweezerman tweezers offer the precision needed to style your brows like a pro
This is the 20th year that Tweezerman’s famous Slant Tweezer has won the Allure 2021 Best of Beauty Award for the best tweezer in the tools category
From fluffy and natural to elegant and precise slicks, achieving the right brow that frames your face is an art form which, when executed correctly, can lift your eyes and even make you look younger.
However, this skill isn’t a secret guarded by the beauty industry. In fact, with the right tools, you can achieve envy-inducing brows at home – for free!
So, what is this game-changing beauty secret? Tweezers – but not just any tweezers. For salon-perfect results every time, you need Tweezerman.
For over 40 years, this award-winning beauty tools brand has helped millions of people worldwide with their precision, hand-filed tweezers, which offer unrivalled grip on even the most troublesome hairs.
Their stainless-steel design also means they last a lifetime. In fact you can send them back to Tweezerman for free sharpening at any time, so they will always perform at their best; making them a sustainable choice as well as a great value one.
Perhaps their most popular tools are their Slant Tweezers (£22), which come in a variety of gorgeous designs and have won the CEW Beauty Awards for four years running. These tweezers are also available in mini-size (£13), so you can always keep a pair handy on your travels. 
Tweezerman, with their hardy design and expertly calibrated tension, make styling your brows at home a breeze – as these avid fans can attest: 

It’s clear there’s only one tool for the job when it comes to beautiful brows. But how do you actually use them? Let’s find out…
Tips for perfect brows – from the experts
When you have the right tools, there’s no reason why you can’t shape your brows at home like a professional.
World-class make-up artist and beauty expert Hannah Martin has been a life-long fan of Tweezerman products and reveals how she uses them to get perfect brows
That’s what world-class make-up artist and beauty expert Hannah Martin believes – and that’s why she relies on Tweezerman products for personal and work use.
She says: ‘Tweezerman has always been my go-to. My mother bought me my first pair when I was a teenager as she could see I was struggling with the brow products I’d bought myself, and I remember being so surprised when I was able to pull each hair out so easily for the first time. The quality was just amazing.’
If you’ve never attempted styling your own brows before, or are simply feeling a little out of touch, Hannah suggests a few simple tips for salon perfect brows every time when using Tweezerman tweezers.
Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezers – a grooming essential
‘All you need to perfect your brows at home are slant tweezers. But for a more professional look, add the Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush to your collection too.
‘Start off by using the brush to comb your brows up. This will help you find your natural arch at the base of your brows and add height to your brow bone. It will also highlight which hairs you wish to pull.’
Once you’ve brushed your brows up, look underneath them for stray hairs that don’t fall in line with the natural arch of your brows.
‘Then, I like to gently trim any hairs that look a little long,’ says Hannah, ‘but exercise caution; do a little bit at a time so you can gauge how your overall brows are looking before snipping too much.’
While your brows are brushed up, you may see that along the top edge of the brow, some hairs stick up from the main line of your brow’s general shape. These are the ones to trim so that they sit in line with the shape of your brows, leaving a neater, polished finish.
After this, Hannah recommends moving onto the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.
Pull unwanted hairs out in the direction of growth to minimise discomfort. With Tweezerman tweezers, you can grab even the finest hair for a smooth finish
‘Using these tweezers, slide the tool to the very base of the hair you wish to pluck; this is something the precision, hand-filed tip allows you to do easily. Then, gently but firmly pull the hair in the direction of the growth to remove it. Simple! 
‘Keep brushing your brows as you shape them so you can check how they’re coming along,’ continues Hannah – something she believes will help you know when to stop. ‘I only really pluck under my brows too and would suggest you do the same, unless you have a particularly thick, random hair on your forehead!
‘If I have a few stubborn short hairs, or some that might be ingrown, then I’ll reach for my Point Tweezer. Its super-fine point can grip even the tiniest hair!
Once Hannah has finished shaping her brows, she leaves them make-up-free while the pores are open so the area has a chance to heal.
However, after the brow area has calmed down, you can style as usual – which, with your newly styled brows, should be quick and easy! 

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