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Published: Friday, September 3, 2021
A pair of reserve champions attracted the top two overall bids at the Calhoun County Fair 4-H livestock auction.
The annual sale generated a total of $448,197.60 on 269 lots with strong support shown for 41 beef and 79 swine, which brought in $169,912.35 and $112,334.25, respectively.
The large animal auction brought in a total of $307,297.60 on 149 lots on Aug. 20.
Morgan Wildt of Homer commanded the highest price for any animal at $22,695, or $17 per pound, for her reserve champion beef steer. The 1,335-pound animal was sold to a support group consisting of 20 buyers (see list at the end of this story). Wildt also showed the supreme champion hog.
A support group of 52 buyers (see list) pooled together $5,080 ($4 per pound) for the 1,270-pound grand champion beef steer brought by Allison Murphy of Litchfield.
Kaleb Krummrey of Burlington received $4.75 per pound ($5,795) for his 1,220-pound grand champion dairy beef from a 23-member buyers' group (see list). Alexis Miller of Homer exhibited the reserve champion dairy beef which weighed in at 1,345 pounds and fetched $1.50 per pound ($2,017.50) from Walters-Dimmick Petroleum.
Thirty-three parties (see list) paid $12,878, the second most for an animal in the auction, for the reserve champion hog exhibited by Lisa Horton of Marshall. The 274-pound pig commanded an auction-high $47 per pound.
Wildt's 267-pound supreme champion hog sold for $15 per pound ($4,005) to: Green Energy Lp; Red Gate Farms; Silveus Insurance; Rummel Insurance Agency; Maxon Milk Transport; Marshall Feed & Grain; Evan Leach, Beck's Hybrids; Wildt Farms, Beck's Hybrids; Nagel Meat Processing; and County National Bank.
In sheep, Sydney Klingaman of Tekonsha showed the grand champion lamb which weighed 139 pounds and sold for $20 per pound ($2,780) to: Boshears Ford; Lavon Klingaman; Crystal Flash; Lisa Sands, State Farm; Double K Farms; Evan Leach, Beck's Hybrids; Smith Farms, Ponder Island Farm; Mark Gibbs; Jack Smith Agency; Salon Essentials; and Photography by Char.
Marshall's Eldon Albrecht sold the 123-pound reserve champion lamb for $11 per pound ($1,353) to: Marshall Feed & Grain, Darling ACE Hardware, Fountain Automotive, Vic Parker Trucking, Three Ways Acres, D&L Farms, Mansion Street Women's Health, John LaForge & Sons and T.J. Schmidt Carnival.
Hailey Day of Marshall sold the grand champion pen of lambs for $765 to Boehmer Williams, CCS Operating and James Williams Catt. The reserve champion pen of lambs exhibited by Aislynn Phelps of Tekonsha was purchased by Marking Machine Co. for $594.
The small animal auction raised a total of $140,900 on 120 lots on Aug. 19.
Emma Wildt of Homer received $5,000 for her grand champion dairy starter from a 17-member buyers' group. Treyson Mead of Battle Creek exhibited the reserve champion dairy starter which brought in $3,000 from Fountain Auto.
Goats commanded some big prices with Madelyn Korn of Athens picking up $900 for her grand champion dairy wether from Athens AG Center and Golden Harvest Seeds. Gabrielle Hunt of Fulton received $5,000, paid by Stanton Farms, for the reserve champion meat wether. The reserve champion dairy wether of Battle Creek's Caron Sandin went for $1,500 to a support group made up of: Kevin Seely, Bev Wilkey, Joe and Carol Kimball, A&A Trucking, Zach Woods Construction and Scott Sandin.
In poultry Eldon Albrecht of Marshall showed the grand champion broiler pen of three which sold for $450 to T.J. Schmidt Carnival. Vivian Murphy of Marshall received $1,500 for her reserve champion from Harvey Construction.
Victoria Murphy of Marshall sold her grand champion roaster pen of three to Walters-Dimmick Petroleum for $1,200.
The grand champion Cornish pen of four was presented by Adeline McHugh of Marshall, who received $1,100 from Tuffy Auto Service Center. A&J Quality Excavation paid $1,700 for the reserve champion Cornish brought by Kyle Thomas of Marshall.
Erik Smoot of Marshall earned $1,500 for his grand champion turkey hen from Hemmingsen Drug Store. Liam Dzialo of Battle Creek exhibited the grand champion tom and sold it for $400 to CD and JW Builders.
The grand champion rabbit fryer of Garrette Ripley, who hails from Parma, sold for a rabbit-show-high of $600 to Stults Farms.
Nathan Caddell of Albion exhibited the grand champion rabbit market pen, which went for $375 to Weaver's Soft Serve. Gracie Dayton of Battle Creek offered the reserve champion market pen and got $450 from Tuffy Auto Service Center for it.
Maycee DeGroat of Marshall received $400 from JADs Ent., Trophy Feast and Memory of Steve Swafford for the grand champion rabbit roaster. Sara Fisher of Albion exhibited the reserve champion roaster, which sold for $375 to Mike's Place.
Supreme champion hog: Green Energy Lp, Red Gate Farms, Silveus Insurance, Rummel Insurance Agency, Maxon Milk Transport, Marshall Feed & Grain, Evan Leach—Beck's Hybrids, Wildt Farms—Beck's Hybrids, Nagel Meat Processing and County National Bank.
Reserve champion hog: Albion Family Chiropractic, Tuffy Auto Services, Napa—Marshall, Caroline Lowe—CPA, Napa—Athens, Avery Oil, Broadway Grill, Cerus Services, Wildt Farms/Beck's Hybrid, O'Riley, Zick's Auto Body, Camp Barber, Doors Unlimited, WHR Shorthorns, American Farm Mortgage, JSR Financial Services, Pullen Show Supplies, Leach Farms/Beck's Hybrids, Angie Setzer, T.J. Schmidt Carnival, Hemmingson's, Greenstone Farm Credit, Rummel Insurance, Hoffman Ag Services, Ron Degraw, Alomo Valley Ag, Silveus Insurance, Marshall Hardware, Mighty Oak Farms, Stand Alone Shorthorns, Barnes Racing Partners, Fountain Auto, Jerome Country Market, Radio Communications Inc. and Anderson Ethanol.
Grand champion beef: Link Trucking, Gary Cooper Trucking, Jarvis Farms, Phelps Farms, Tire City Tire Pros, Evan Leach/Beck's Hybrids, Doug & Anne Leach, Doug & Connie Kiessling, Smith Farms, Mills Maple Mill Farm, Stand Alone Shorthorns, Beattie Farm Show Stock, Beattie Farm LLC, John & Danielle Litton, A Kiss of Beauty, Kissinger Acres, Lucky Star CrossFit, RBM Transport, Brent & Harmony Dawson, Salon Essentials, Wildt Farms/Beck's Hybrids, County National Bank, Brembo North America, Shawn & Kelli Geisen, Sims Farms, T.J. Schmidt Carnival, FRM Ag Supply, FRY Farms Jason & Rebecca, Spartan Nash Albion Family Fare, Spartan Nash Pennfield Family Fare, Spartan Nash Urbandale Family Fare, Brach Insurance—Cheryl McKean, Triple X Transport, AG Direct, Scott & Mary Welden, Groholski Farms, Aible Solutions, Chris & Karen Stoick, MSA Three Sixty Transport, Southern MI Bank & Trust, Mosher Mowing, Greenstone Farm Credit Services, 5 Star Sprinklers, Tekonsha Animal Hospital PLLC, L & L Auto, Pullen Show Supplies, Shaw & Son Auto Repair, Trophy Feast, Trophy Feast, Jimmy Lohn's Portable Toilets LLC, Lisa Sands—State Farm, Eric & Lisa Fehrenbach, Heaton Excavation and Marshall Hillside Farms.
Reserve champion beef: CERES, B&M Corp Consulting, Ken Stouts, Avery Oil & Propane, Julie Swafford, Nagel Meat Processing, Zick's Towing and Fabricating, Zick's Body Shop, Nutritional Consultants, Evan Leach—Beck's Hybrids, Greenstone Farm Credit, Wildt Farms—Beck Hybrids, County National Bank, Marshall Hillside Farms, Silveus Insurance, Wells Equipment, Bummel Insurance Agency, Mark Harwell Trucking, David Brigham Realty, Nichols Accounting, Caledonia Elevator, Gary Cooper Trucking and Red Gate Farms.
Grand champion dairy beef: Hoffman Ag Services, Dibble's Ag Spreading, Marshall Feed & Grain, Albion Tire City Pros, Beadle Lake Vet Clinic, Marshall Cattle Farms, Reichow Farms, Patton View Farms, Jon Grundemann, Bosserd Insurance, King Insurance Agency, Eagle Valley Ag, T.J Schmidt Carnival, Cereal City Auto Parts, Grandma & Pa Knickerbocker, Grandma & PaPa Hempsted, Derek & Tiffany Knickerbocker, laknoll Farms, DJ & Andrea Hempsted, Groholski Farms, Southern Michigan Bank, Doug & Connie Kiessling and Tony & Kara Mead.
Grand champion dairy starter: Huffman Rubber, Max Sons Milk, Welch nutrition consultants, Btm Crop Consultants, T.J. Schmidt Carnival, Julie Swafford Trophy Feast, John Patton Farms, Smith Farms, College Chevrolet, Shane/Frank SanGregory, Beth Harris, Eric Harris, Erch/Cariann Gilg, Ron Gauthier, David Brigham Century 21, Marshall Feed and Grain, Johns Deer Camp, Burns Concrete and Gravel and Red Gate Farms.

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