The 10 Worst and Funniest Nail Salon Yelp Reviews in Yakima –

Ahhh, the nail spa! This is the place where you go to get your hands and feet pampered and you leave the nail salon feeling luxurious and like a million bucks! That is unless you have received sub-par service in Yakima.
Are these customers actually "Karens" who would probably ask to speak to the manager, or do you think they have a truly valid complaints? See if one of these nail salons below are one of your least favorites! Scroll through the horrible reviews below and judge for yourself.
Most of the 1-star complaints on Yelp include gripes of feeling rushed through the service, enduring the horror of nail techs painting over "bleeding" cuticles, and rude responses from management after issuing their complaints.
Perhaps you can relate to some of these worst and funniest 1-star Yelp reviews from the Yakima area nail salons. Ten of such reviews from popular nail places are below, but you can click here on Yelp for more 1-Star Yakima hilarity!
"Rick was the absolute worst. He made all three of us bleed and told one of my friends she had ugly hands." – Jill B. from Ellensburg
"…The sea salt scrub they used left me looking like a TIGER attacked my legs…" – Kailey G. from Yakima
"Big sigh…The second thing I noticed was the smell. Are they living and cooking here? A gal was folding laundry and then she started cutting up a dang mango?!?!" – Cassandra C. from SeaTac
"…After she sees me waiting, she wants two people to work on her at both times…they pull the lady that was going to start on me to do her mani and told me to wait for 20 minutes for the brother to show up. BYE FELICIA!" – Andrea F. from Yakima
"Every single employee was in the middle of a service. Two employees were in the corner eating pizza. I was told to sit down at a pedicure chair that was already filled with water that was cold." Cassandra C. from SeaTac (She appears to leave several 1-star comments on multiple nail salons in Yakima.)
"Not impressed. The paint on my toes was fine. However, when getting a manicure, the woman picked her nose and then continued with the manicure without washing her hands." Sharon H. from Barrow, Alaska
"ALMOST WAXED MY EYEBROWS OFF!…When I got in the car, I took a closer look. My left brow looks like Vanilla Ice…They went from perfectly arched to sperm shaped." Jennifer D. from Yakima
"…When I walked into this salon this morning and asked if they accepted walk-ins, I was told not to come back and that they would remember me." Teresita V. from Yakima
"Didn't clean up my cuticles, the shellac looks swirly, and some spots are lumpy. But hey, at least they have beer and wine!" – Stacy M. from Yakima
"Cons: Crowded, loud customers talking to each other, irrelevant sports channel…" Denise A. from Moxee

Last night I decided to watch the brand new Cinderella starring Camilla Cabello. It was magical! The soundtrack was full of amazing remakes of great songs. It was bright and colorful, like a Baz Luhrman film and I kept thinking. Man, if I had a daughter, I would LOVE to watch it with her!
After I finished I immediately ran into an article with the header, "How many Cinderella remakes do we really need?" Um…first I take offense to this question. There can never be enough because it's a classic tale that's been retold for centuries.
I loved the version with Brandy and also Ever After starring Drew Barrymore. It got me thinking about how off these critics seem to be and so I decided to put together a list of films the critics pooped on but were really good.
The Switch
Starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, it's a light-hearted movie about a woman who has decided to get pregnant by a sperm donor because she hasn't found the one yet. It is hilarious, heartfelt, and got really poor ratings. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 52% and the audience a 44%. They said basically it was like all the other romantic comedies out there. Not true, there are some really great scenes, lines, and acting coming from this film. If you haven't already seen it, I highly suggest checking it out.
What Dreams May Come
This film, starring Robin Williams is not only artsy but deep. For anyone who has lost a loved one, it dives deep into how far love really goes. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 54% but the audience was a high of 84%. These critics I tell you!
Man, this movie starring Kevin Costner, got totally dogged on. I honestly thought it was great. Maybe this is what it will be like in the future, we need to prepare! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 48% and the audience even less with a 43%. It's fantasy at its finest and for sure makes you want to brush your teeth.
Another film starring Robin Williams, it's quirky and different and still full of all the elements a good movie is made of. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 30% and the audience a 39%. Don't knock it till you watch it.
This 2021 version starring Camilla Cabello is fantastic. Magical and full of bright colors. Rotten Tomatoes has already rated it a 43% but the audience isn't buying it and gave it an 85%. I don't even understand what they are scoring on because if more movies were put together with the type of care this one was, we would be sitting in a much better binging position. This is a must-watch and I can't wait to watch it with my nieces.



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