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More often than not, skin care is a long game. Every dermatologist I've spoken with over my years in the beauty industry has agreed that you usually need to give products a few months to make a difference. While that makes sense, it's a little disheartening when you want results ASAP. The exception? Facial dermaplaning (aka dermablading), which is when you use a small razor to gently sweep away peach fuzz and dead skin for an immediate glow. 
"Dermablading, for some, is as satisfying as seeing those robust cysts pop — I know it is for me," Mona Gohara, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale's School of Medicine, tells Shape. "The thought of liberating those 50 million dead skin cells that we lose in one day with one of those sleek tools is such a natural high." (Related: What Is Cystic Acne and How Can You Get Rid Of It?)
Speaking to the effects, Dr. Gohara says, "Removing those sticky cells gives the skin more immediate radiance. Dead skin cells can definitely make the skin look duller, and [dermaplaning] also allows for products to penetrate more effectively." Meaning, if your skin-care routine includes anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, bakuchiol, or vitamin C, you'll be getting more bang for your buck when they follow dermaplaning. Dr. Gohara calls the practice one of her favorite at-home "tweakments" for people looking for a little extra boost, and don't worry — as a myriad of reviewers emphasize, their facial hair doesn't grow back any darker, thicker, or spikier after shaving it off. 
So, how do you dermaplane at home without nicking your skin? Board-certified New York dermatologist Michele Green, M.D., notes that the best tools for at-home dermablading are different from the scalpels used by skin professionals, and your pick should be well-made and simple to use, plus easy to clean or disposable so you don't spread bacteria on your face. For the easiest experience, applying a basic face oil such as jojoba prior to dermaplaning lets the razor glide over your skin, although this step isn't necessary. You can just use short strokes with the blade in the direction of hair growth, and try not to go over areas twice to avoid over-exfoliation. 
And while dermaplaning is safe to practice at home without an expert's supervision, Dr. Green cautions that if you have acne breakouts, rosacea, sensitive skin, skin tags, raised bumps, or moles, you should avoid the treatment because it can aggravate or cut the bumps; otherwise, Dr. Gohara gives the go-ahead. (Related: Amazon Reviewers Say This $5 Dermaplaning Tool Is Better Than a Wax)
Ready to take the plunge into dermaplaning for a brighter, smoother complexion? Below, find the best dermaplaning blades for instantly vivacious skin. 
Buy It, $14 (was $20)
This nicely weighted tool ranks as Amazon’s best-selling microdermabrasion device, thanks to the gentle exfoliation it delivers while sweeping away dead skin. More than 7,000 five-star ratings have secured its position, along with an added blue LED light that shoppers said “does wonders” for their skin, so much so that even their estheticians were impressed. (Related: Can At-Home Blue Light Devices Really Clear Acne?
“Seriously amazing. My makeup hasn’t ever looked this good,” wrote one fan of the tool, which comes with six refills. Another added that it left their skin “baby butt soft,” and they noticed their skin-care products were performing better. “I used it for the first time this morning, and I am absolutely sold,” wrote a different reviewer. “My skin has never felt this smooth, and some of the discoloration I was experiencing is completely gone. I have sensitive skin and there was very, very little irritation. The light is extremely helpful.”
Buy It, $5 for 3 (was $7)
Some dermaplaning tools reach into the $100 range, but Schick’s proves you don’t have to spend more than $5 bucks to give the method a try. The drugstore brand knows razors, and on top of being one of the most affordable face tools out there, it’s one of the best for areas you really don’t want to mess up, like all-important eyebrows. 
That’s thanks to the handy precision cover it comes with; you just slip on the plastic protector, and it transforms the inch-long blade into a detailer, perfect for cleaning up small spaces. Shoppers appreciated the addition, with more than 100,000 decreeing the tool worth a five-star rating, and 349 of them specifically mentioning its ease for brow shaping. (Related: How to Do Your Own Eyebrows at Home)
“Hats off to whomever came up with the ingenious ‘brow attachment cover!’ It makes brow shaping both easy and safe,” wrote one reviewer. Another said, “I was even able to do under my brows with the plastic protected top, and not fear I was going to hack my brows off. My face feels so smooth from removing the hair and dead skin — so much dead skin. If you feel comfortable enough, save your money going to the esthetician and go get these now.”
Buy It, $10 for 6 (was $20)
If the thought of adding to mounting landfills and ocean garbage patches makes you uncomfortable, genius brand Ennva came up with a solution: biodegradable face razors made from corn straw and wheat. The innovation wins hundreds of five-star ratings from reviewers, who mentioned that the angled razor isn’t dangerously sharp, yet has given them incredibly silky, smooth skin. 
“Easy to use, even if you’ve got literally no coordination,” commented one person using a face razor for the first time, and another said it’s the first dermaplaning tool to not irritate their sensitive skin — even outshining $75 competitors. “The handles have a good grip, and the razor glides very well against the skin. I was slightly worried that I might nick myself, but those fears were totally unfounded,” wrote one shopper. “I had to hide them because all the other women in my family wanted to use them! All in all an amazing product, 10/10, would recommend and buy again.”
Buy It, $30 
As you’ve probably noticed, a mix of innovations are at play in the dermaplaning market. Spa Sciences brings in one more, using “sonic speeds” to “remove unwanted facial hair, improve the look of enlarged pores, and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines.” And it left reviewers  impressed: “This thing has changed my perception of facials. I’m hyper-reactive to any and all beauty products, and as such, have never been able to do much for my face outside of wishing on stars. [But] even without a product or serum, it has a profound effect on skin texture.” 
Others deemed it the best purchase they’ve ever made on Amazon, which is perhaps the highest praise possible. “AMAZING!!! As close as you can get to a salon or esthetician dermaplaning experience,” quoted another person. “I tried the cheap dermaplaning razors from drugstores, and while they work, the process is much longer and isn’t as accurate. Wish I had bought this tool sooner!”
Buy It, $7 for 3
If you’re heading out of town for a wedding and want to look your best in photos, the foldable face razors from Feather are your home run. At $7 for a pack of three, they’re also immensely affordable — and the aftermath, according to shoppers, is life-changing. “Listen. If you want baby-soft skin that absorbs your face products well and [makes] your makeup go on flawless, and the best exfoliation of your life — you gotta dermaplane. No way around it,” wrote an enthusiast. (Related: These Hair Removal Creams and Tools Make De-Fuzzing Your Face at Home So Easy)
These razors are legit the best I’ve used to date. Always be careful (this is something where you definitely don’t rush), but my goodness, these moved so smoothly and got peach fuzz other brands have left behind,” they continued. “There’s a taboo to women essentially shaving their face, but while Karen is over there self-conscious about stigmas, you’ll be wrinkle-free because your serum soaked into your skin.” I think that about covers it.
Buy It, $5 for 6
 These inexpensive razors are another fan favorite, with more than 63,000 five-star ratings to date. The enthusiasm centers around their incredible work on mustached upper lips, and the idea of skipping waxes without sacrificing smooth skin. “I was stressed about shaving my mustache for the first time, and did tons of research. Turns out it wasn’t that hard, and this pack made it easier,” wrote one person. “Took about three minutes in total.”  
Another reviewer detailed, “My upper lip hair has been [a] primary source of anguish. I’ve tried bleaching, waxing, threading (super ouch), trimming, and shaving with a regular razor blade…” They continued of the Dorco razors, “I have to say, is the perfect solution” context=”body”] to temporarily eliminating facial hair. No, it doesn’t grow back thicker or faster. Within a few weeks, the hair has barely grown back. Works great!”
Buy It, $8 for 12
If the thought of dermablading still mildly freaks you out, take it from 55 Amazon shoppers: Kitsch’s tools make it beyond easy to do, and the $8 set of 12 replicates $150 dermaplaning spa facials for a fraction of the cost. Rookies said the lightweight blades “ face” context=”body”],” and they even work for their bikini lines, chins, lips, and eyebrows. (Per one person, “So much better than waxing or plucking. Never waxing my eyebrows again!”) 
“I had ZERO clue what to look for when buying a dermaplaning tool set. At this price and the previous reviews, I took a risk and I’m glad I did,” wrote a last person. “My skin is acne-prone and I have some minor scarring… no problem with this product! Easy to use with great results.” (Related: Whitney Port Uses This Best-Selling $4 Razor to Shave Her Face)
Buy It, $15 for 9
If you’re more familiar with dermaplaning, Shiseido’s blades have earned praise for easily and quickly getting the job done. The exfoliation comes with anti-aging benefits, per some shoppers: “These facial razors not only remove the peach fuzz from my face, they also exfoliate, as flakes of dead skin slough off as well. In combination with Retin-A and other skin rejuvenating products, I have been able to keep wrinkles away.” Another person seconded the finding, writing that using the razors with a face oil”totally changed [their] 66-year-old face and neck. It’s the truth.”
The simple, straightforward design provides a close shave with no nicking, reviewers said, and these razors check every box. “These are the best face razors. They are super sharp, and get the closest shave,” noted one happy user. “I’ve tried the competitors and always come back to these. They recently changed the length of the handle so it is longer, which I actually find more convenient.”
Buy It, $20
If, like the reviewers above, you’re planning on including dermaplaning in your routine for the long haul, it pays to get a tool with a replaceable blade. This one from Versed fits the bill, making for “amazingly smooth skin” that feels “buttery.” The brand says that you should only go over each area with the blade once for best results, and shoppers reported that’s all it takes to get skin that feels like velvet for weeks. 
“As counterproductive as it sounds, it allows the products you use to truly penetrate the epidermis, as you’ve just sloughed away a layer of skin and hair,” writes a reviewer with acne, psoriasis, and combination skin. “In my time performing this skin-care ritual, I’ve tried multiple tools: disposable to reusable, manual to electric, lower in price to more expensive. This one blows them out of the water! You do not need to apply pressure to get an even, smooth result.”
Buy It, $68 (was $81)
Been avoiding facials for a while? You’re not alone, and if you’re longing to scratch the itch, shoppers have claimed that Stacked Skincare’s face tool fully replaces the experience and gets you that post-treatment glow (and even medical estheticians say they turn to it). “This is a fabulous product. I’ve paid upwards of $300 for a dermaplaning facial, and this gives me the same results,” wrote one person. Others echoed the finding, and said the exfoliator’s weight makes it supremely easy to use. “Hello beautiful skin, and goodbye peach fuzz!!! I love this, and love that I don’t need to spend money on waxing and/or going to an esthetician,” said another reviewer. “It also removes SO MUCH dry skin, I had no idea. Stop looking, just buy it.” 
A final shopper wrote: “Gentle, no pain, but more ‘peach-fuzz’ and dead skin coming off my face than I’ve ever seen with an at-home treatment (rivals the professional ones I’ve had over the years). I was actually so excited to wake up the next day and see how my skin looked. It was not only glowing, pore size was reduced, and (most excitingly) my acne had noticeably dissipated. When I put my makeup on, it was like it was gliding over my skin. I looked airbrushed — people made compliments all day long. Any product that gives you that type of results after one use is more than worth the investment.” 

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