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In Tech Talk, the industry's technology leaders weigh in on the best features to help salons rebuild and recover their businesses after the pandemic forced them to close for weeks and months in 2020. This group of technology trailblazers talked about the importance of tools to save costs and create new revenue streams. 
Today’s tech helps expand profitability for salons and stylists on both income and expenses sides of the equation.
Joshua Howard, CEO and Cofounder, Vish
 “Today, more than ever, each dollar spent is important, and Vish salons have been able to create a new revenue stream by charging for all the color they use, whether that’s completely independent of the service price or by charging for additional grams of color. This translates to tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for salons every year. It has enabled them not only to recover business, but to invest in education, stylist benefits, and even opening new locations.”—Joshua Howard, CEO and Cofounder, Vish
Lauren Zomolsky, Success Manager, Tippy
TippyGO was built during the pandemic while doors were closed, allowing clients to show their appreciation to service professionals during uncertain times. Since doors have reopened, TippyGO has proven to be a valuable tool for salons across the country, providing clients with the comfort of tipping ‘on the go’ right from their phone anytime, anywhere!”—Lauren Zomolsky. Success Manager, Tippy
Alicia Solier, Founder and CEO of SalonScale Technology
SalonScale’s ability to track color costs has revolutionized the way salons are pricing their color services. By tracking every color that is being used in the backbar, salons are able to put more cashflow back into their business, creating greater sustainability in the long run.”—Alicia Soulier, Founder and CEO of SalonScale Technology
Marchelle McKeirnan, Head of Sales, Mangomint
“Memberships is one of the most overlooked trends in the industry. They allow salons to build recurring revenue, increase client loyalty without discounting, and create more predictable income. This all makes salons and spas more resilient and profitable in 2021 and beyond. Mangomint’s advanced membership feature was not born in the fitness industry and then adapted to beauty and wellness but, rather, was designed from the ground up with the real needs of real salon and spa owners in mind. We’re excited to see so many owners adopting this model and building stronger businesses than ever before!”—Marchelle McKeirnan, Head of Sales, Mangomint
Terri Adams, Director of Business Development, SureTint Technologies
SureTint’s Color Conversion technology turns a process that was painful, stressful and scary into a process that is automatic, elegant and immediate. The old days of matching color brands shade to shade is left in the past. Our conversion app matches shades by using the end result of the original formula along with key elements of the client’s hair profile and the manufacturer’s rules for mixing and gray coverage. It is like having an expert colorist with knowledge of all brands in the dispensary to always give you a great answer to your question, ‘What do you think I should use?’”—Terri Adams, Director of Business Development, SureTint Technologies
Bryan Nunes, Owner, SnapSnip
SnapSnip is the most efficient virtual consultation tool I’ve found for our salon to ensure our hairdressers are set up for success when meeting new color clients. Stylists love it because it allows them to help reception to book the client properly based on the client's existing canvas and desired result. Clients love it because it ensures they are booked and quoted properly for the look they want. SnapSnip also reduces the need for free in-salon consultations, maximizing productivity, and it ensures that less experienced stylists are charging appropriately for their time.”—Bryan Nunes, Owner, SnapSnip
Scott Buchanan, Owner, Scott J Aveda Salons NYC
“There’s no doubt the pandemic had a huge impact on salons, leaving business owners no choice but to evolve. The last thing we needed was another hurdle or heavy lift for our staff and stylists. Because of its ease of use and tailored technology, Shortcut made the delivery of in-home hair care services—something that once seemed so unattainable—possible.”—Scott Buchanan, Owner, Scott J Aveda Salons NYC
Michael McDonough, VP Sales, CLICS
CLICS has changed the way stylists and salons fund their business. You pay only for the color you dispense, at the time you dispense it. So, no more investing thousands of dollars in color inventory that sits on a shelf. This also means that you’re paying for color the day after your client pays you for the service. This approach allows those hit hardest in the industry to truly operate on a cash-flow-positive model.”—Michael McDonough, Vice President Sales, CLICS
Samantha Sherwin, Vice President of Partner Success, SalonInteractive
“Ecommerce has changed the way many people purchase products. What you could once only buy from your stylist can now be purchased from specialty retailers and online giants—removing the stylist from the equation completely. To protect the integrity of professional products and bring sales back into the salon it’s imperative to offer online shopping, allowing distributors to ship directly to clients and compensate the salon for the sale.”—Samantha Sherwin, Vice President of Partner Success, SalonInteractive
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by Compiled by Rosanne Ullman
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