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By on August 26, 2021
CASPER, Wyo. — I recently heard of a business here in town that offers a full-body makeover all in one place. This interesting business is like nothing else in Casper.
Art can take many different forms, especially when it comes to the human body. When I say body art, I’m sure that most people just think of tattoos. However, have you considered hair and nails to also be art? What about massage therapy?
Art is described by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation,” and the Parlour Tattoo and Beauty shop is the only place in town that offers this unique full-body art experience.
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The Parlour Tattoo and Beauty shop is a small business that has been open since July 2020. The owner, Anthony Duran, started the business with the vision of creating a place for art to flourish. As a result, they have the normal aspects of a tattoo shop while also having a full salon and massage therapist.
Duran has been a tattoo artist for ten years. He worked at Final Thoughts before starting his own business. He brought many of his clients over with him and has been able to grow.
The shop is located at 2121 East Second St. When Duran first moved in, he noticed that there was a lot of space. He knew that tattooing could not fill it all, and he wanted to expand the business to include more. In pursuit of this, he found partners in Casey Chapman to do the beauty salon side and Bryn McKenzie to practice massage therapy.
Chapman has been a cosmetologist for the last ten years. She worked in a salon and even owned her own business. Now she does hair and nails in the same place as tattoo artists and she loves it. She says, “It is a nice change of scenery, going from working with hairdressers to working with other artists.”
McKenzie has been a licensed massage therapist for ten years. Duran was her tattoo artist, and one day he asked if she would like to join him in making this unique idea a reality. She is also now training as an apprentice on the tattoo side of the business.
Duran has a total of three tattooists in his shop — and, of course, one in training. According to Nelly Brown, the goal was to make a tattoo place that was classy and friendly to all ages and genders. They did not want it to feel like your typical biker tattoo parlor; they wanted a different aesthetic.
Everyone in the Parlour works together to truly make it a different experience no matter what service you are seeking. While you might not want to experience all the services on one day, it remains a one-stop shop for all your beauty, body art, and muscular needs.
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