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My name is Ellie. I am 29 years old and I’ve never had a massage.
Phew, that felt good to get off my chest.
My friends would often bestow the virtues of a massage, from stress relief to dealing with those niggling pains.
I nodded in all the right places, but honestly, the thought of letting a complete stranger rub my back filled me with dread.
The the pandemic hit.
Lockdown with a toddler, moving house and digging a garden up had my shoulder blades in bits.
My jaw was permanently tight, and getting up from the sofa was accompanied by a groan.
Could it be time to lose my massage virginity, with a visit to The Granite Spa?
Having invited a devoted spa enthusiast along with me, I decided to take the plunge.
The Granite Spa is a new beauty spa which can be found on Grandholm Crescent just outside Aberdeen.
With little idea as to what to expect, the communication in advance of our visit really put me at ease.
Due to Covid restrictions, we were told to bring our own footwear along.
Robes and towels were provided, and we were informed in plenty of time not to wear fake tan.
We were warmly welcomed as soon as we arrived, with both staff and clients wearing a face covering in public areas.
Before we could get relaxing, we filled in a series of detailed forms, which covered everything from preferred massage pressure to any existing health conditions.
My friend was particularly glad of this, having recently undergone an operation.
Providing our details gave us the security of knowing we were in good hands, and I was impressed by just how much was covered.”
I also noticed numerous clients arriving, including couples, which just goes to show that The Granite Spa is already earning itself a good reputation.
We headed to the changing room where there is private cubicles and lockers. I thought the GHDS available was also a nice touch, should you wish to perfect your do after a dunk in the hot tub.
A member of staff took us through to the spa area, and explained how to work the jacuzzi and sauna, and also politely requested that we have a spritz before entering the water.
I apologise to anyone who heard my companion shriek in surprise having turned the shower on full blast. There was a straight forward temperature dial which was easy to work, once she got over the shock!
We left our robes and flip flops on a side bench, and headed for the jacuzzi.
Bliss, absolute bliss.
There is comfy seating with room to stretch out, so you aren’t awkwardly positioned right by a jet.
There are two jacuzzies in this area, and we were the only clients there throughout our dip.
This meant it felt incredibly private, and would be ideal for a girly afternoon.
Flickering candles and two glasses of ice water, I could feel my muscles melt in approval.
We had intended to catch up, but found ourselves lying there in companionable silence.
Conversation wasn’t needed, because we really were blissed out.
Is there such a thing as too many bubbles? Absolutely not, but we still opted to give the sauna a try.
Not one for hot temperatures, I was pleasantly surprised by the sauna.
Of course you get a sweat on, but a cooling shower was the perfect contrast.
Having lulled ourselves to the point of snoozing, we were collected for our treatments.
We were able to strip down to underwear in the changing room, before donning our robes once more and heading for the treatment room.
We were delighted to discover that we were in a twin treatment room, with two members of staff working side by side.
I was down for a full body and head massage, while my companion opted for a facial, foot and head massage.
Lying face down on the bed and swathed in soft blankets, I was feeling a little nervous.
The wonderful masseur soon put me at ease, and we noted that both staff carried out treatments while wearing a face covering.
I’m afraid I can’t remember what happened next, because I went into a trance like state.”
The pressure was just right, and my shoulders almost wept in relief.
The head massage was particularly heavenly, and I wasn’t really aware of the masseur moving around the room.
With the lights dimmed and relaxing music playing in the background, I think I drifted off to sleep.
I came to as I was covered back up, and the staff gently informed us that we were free to leave as soon as we felt ready.
My companion slowly sat up and declared it the best facial she’d ever had.
Her skin bore testament to this, as it was practically glowing.
Having got dressed, we were given a quick tour of the spa, and discovered several treatment rooms alongside a beauty room, where you can enjoy everything from manicures to brows, plus a pedicure station.
We absolutely loved the experience, and will definitely be back for further pampering.
What: The Granite Spa
Where: Unit Three, Crombie House, Grandholm Crescent, Bridge of Don, AB22 8BD
Contact:  01224 506446
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