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Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula had quite the year.
The Summer House stars kicked off the year with the premiere of season 5 of their increasingly popular Bravo hit, followed by the launch of Loverboy’s espresso martini (which instantly sold out), filming the first season of Winter House and then filming season 6 of Summer House. At the end of filming for Summer House in September? Their picture-perfect wedding in Amanda’s backyard. So, to call 2021 eventful for the couple would be an understatement.
Newlyweds Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula appeared on the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk. They opened up about filming Winter House, spilled details about their wedding, teased the next season of Summer House and more.
“ It is back to the fun, crazy show that we all know and love,” Amanda told In The Know about Summer House‘s next season. “We were able to travel back and forth to the city, we were able to have more friends to the house and throw our crazy, wild parties, so we were not all stuck together ready to rip each other’s hair out. It was just, again, like a really great group of friends hanging out in the Hamptons together just enjoying our time with a nice little sprinkle of drama.”
Listen to Winter House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s full episode of We Should Talk below, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:
On the unexpected hookups on Winter House:
Amanda: “Paige and Andrea was the most obvious one. There’s no way [that wasn’t going to happen]. He’s a real Italian man. I was so excited for her! I think you can see it. I’m just wanting this to happen so badly. I’m thrilled. […] I would say the rest of the romances — although I’m never surprised by anything, truly — were not maybe what I would’ve expected or the pairings I would’ve made if you asked me.”
Kyle: “I actually thought they were going to go completely differently than how they went. Absolutely. I just thought, you know — think about it this way: Luke is single, Jason is single… Craig and Julia [and us] were the only ones not single. There could’ve been a lot of fun pairings. You’ve got Austen and Lindsay that have an interesting history. I knew them coming together under one roof, that that was going to be interesting. I also knew that I just had a hunch that Austen would be really into Ciara.”
Amanda: “There wasn’t really any sharing.”
On all of the attention around their wedding and filming it for Summer House:
Kyle: “It almost started out the opposite. We had conversations with a couple publicists and because of Delta and everything that was going on, a couple publications were like, ‘We’re actually not covering weddings.’ That’s how it started, but we took measures to make sure it was safe. We did film it. […] I don’t know how much I’m supposed to be saying, but I’d like to be able to tease that we did cover it as part of Summer House.
Amanda: “I’ve said this before, but the audience has seen our entire journey of our relationship and the ups and downs. They’ve essentially seen us grow as a couple, so to not share that felt like we were withholding the reward at the end going through all of this with us. It was definitely something we wanted to share.”
On why Amanda is crying in the Winter House trailer:
Amanda: “ I’m going to have to find out when you guys do, too. Those were definitely drunk tears. I have an idea, but I can’t really tell exactly where I am in that moment, so I’m not 100% sure.”
On Carl Radke not being on Winter House:
Kyle: “Carl helped keep things running along with Loverboy when we were up in Vermont, and it would not have been a healthy environment for him to be in considering where he was at on a personal level. I was like, ‘This is going to be a two-week show, and you’re probably going to want to stay away. Oh, and by the way, can you help me keep the lights on at Loverboy?”
On how they react to details leaking about their shows during filming:
Kyle: “It’s a testament to the day and age we’re in in a sense, because it’s a lot different than filming [Keeping Up with] the Kardashians 10 years ago where everything is bottled up until it airs. Everything’s real-time, so to some extent I actually think that Bravo’s leaned into it a little bit in the right way.
Amanda: “Anything I see, I just immediately send to Paige, like, ‘Did you see this?’ Like, immediately! Even if it’s about her, I’m like, ‘Oh, my god! Bro, did you see this?’
Kyle: “It’s funny, though: Austen mentioning the tabloid was the first time in any of my experiences. On Summer House, we’ve never had that fourth wall come down in the actual episode. And this was — boom! — here it is, we’re talking about social media. That’s foreign territory for our show.”
On Summer House season 6:
Amanda: “It is back to the fun, crazy show that we all know and love. We were able to travel back and forth to the city, we were able to have more friends to the house and throw our crazy, wild parties, so we were not all stuck together ready to rip each other’s hair out. It was just, again, like a really great group of friends hanging out in the Hamptons together just enjoying our time with a nice little sprinkle of drama.”
Kyle: “It kind of returned to its roots. It was a ton of fun. We were throwing so many parties, I hardly had a chance to hang out and lay out by the pool. Literally, the big themed parties are back!”
Watch In The Know’s full interview with Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula below, and tune into Winter House Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo:
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