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OGDEN — Paid parking could be an option in downtown, according to a parking study funded by the city. Ogden City Administrative Officer Mark Johnson says it is premature for anyone to comment as the study has yet to be presented to the city council.
“We are in the beginning phase,” said City Council Chair Bart Blair who is working to schedule a leadership meeting with councilwoman Marcia White and Director of Community and Economic Development Tom Christopulos. Blair estimates a city council working session to take place in the next 2 to 4 weeks on the matter.
Deputy Director of CED Brandon Cooper said they are not ready to share details with the public just yet as they have a few more regulatory steps to take.
Mariena Barton, a local college student and shift manager at Waffle Love on 25th Street, believes paid parking downtown will be a hassle for her customers as well as herself and other employees.
Barton said she regularly comes to Waffle Love when she is not working for a meal because of her employee discount. If she had to pay for parking, there would be less of a financial reason for her to be a customer. “Everything costs so much already,” she said.
For Parker Hardy, a hair stylist at Thomas Hardy Salon on 25th Street, paid parking is uninviting. Hardy said as a consumer he would rather go somewhere else for services than pay to park.
Hardy believes paid parking would be a trap for the city to make more money. He has already been ticketed in the past for not having his employee parking pass while parked in the two hour limit lot located between the Courtyard Marriott Hotel and the row of businesses on 25th Street between Lincoln and Grant Avenue.
“I avoid Salt Lake City because the parking sucks,” said Parker. “It’s stupid.”
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