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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A local barbershop owner is scrambling to find a makeshift location following the damage from last week’s storm.
Dawayne Taylor, the owner of Taylor’s Barbershop along East Broad Street, shared video last week to his social media of water leaking from the ceiling and tiles fallen on the floor.
Puddles of water were scattered all over his shop and the floor tiles bubbled up from the water damage.
“If you go in there now it’s horrible. We are worried about mold,” said Taylor. “We turned away at least 50 appointments easily in the past couple of days that we should’ve been open.”
Several fans are drying out the inside of the shop. After closing for a few days, Taylor came back Monday afternoon to pick up equipment and to meet with staff.
Benjamin Miles, who’s been with Taylor’s for five months, said this isn’t the first time the weather has affected their shop.
“This by far was the worst. But a couple of weeks prior to it, it was just as bad. It was literally raining in the shop,” he said.
However, this recent rainstorm forced his team to get ready for a new chapter. And although they’ve had to temporarily shut down, Miles is excited for their journey as they prepare to leave the damaged shop.
“So much uncertainty right now. I don’t know what’s next, but I trust the staff and I trust the team that we’ll end up in the best possible position,” he said.
Taylor is preparing to open a makeshift location soon to get his customers back in the door and to get his employees back to work.
“You can’t make up for 13 years of business of building the clientele. You can relocate, but the damage has been done,” said Taylor.
When the storm hit Thursday evening, Taylor’s first priority was making sure his staff was okay.
“Financially it affects everybody, but my biggest concern was my staff because they do this day in and day out,” he said.
Taylor started his business in 2009, and the shop has grown to four locations across the Richmond metropolitan area. The venue along East Broad Street opened in 2016 as the last of the four.
Taylor said he purposely sought out this building because the aesthetic was more boutique and upscale.
“We dress up and we cater to a certain clientele,” he said.
He already has plans to permanently move the barbershop to a new location in Carytown.
“This move wasn’t supposed to happen until March, but now we’re trying to speed up the transition,” said Taylor.
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