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Treat Yourself At One Of These Rejuvenating Resorts.
September 29, 2021
6:00 AM
Between work, family and maintaining your social life, keeping up with your regular day-to-day can be physically and mentally exhausting. That’s why it’s important to take some time to get away and bring yourself back to a place of balance and equilibrium. Pack your bags and block out your schedule, because you’ll love relaxing at any of these luxurious spa destinations around the world. 
Ananda In The Himalayas | Narendra Nagar, India 
Located in the heart of a 100-acre estate on Maharaja’s Palace in India, Ananda In The Himalayas is an award-winning luxury resort that is surrounded by lush trees, flowers, trails and pools that can make anyone feel at peace. The 25,000-square-foot resort features 24 treatment rooms that can revitalize and reinvigorate your body, including hydrotherapy and hot tubs, aroma steam rooms, saunas and baths. Its highly-trained therapists offer over 80 body and beauty experiences, including wild rose facial cleansers, grounding salt scrubs, ananda spice body massages and more. Outdoor retreats can also help rejuvenate your mind as well as your body with its holistic meditation and yoga classes. Plus with 70 spacious rooms that have their own private gardens, pools and villas, Ananda In The Himalayas ensures that your time outside of the spa is just as fresh and inviting as it is inside
Six Senses Douro Valley | Lamego, Portugal
Wellness is woven into the fabric of Six Senses Resort Spas. While Six Senses owns 20 properties around the world, the resort in Portugal is one of the most popular, offering an incredible and intimate experience right alongside the Douro Valley. Its 19-century terracotta-colored walls won Best Design by Virtuoso in 2017, and its 60 modern bedrooms offer gorgeous panoramic views of the valley. But the excitement lies in its 10 spa treatment rooms, which offer everything from a nail and alchemy bar and sauna suites to cryotherapy and indoor vitality pools that can provide underwater sound therapy, color therapy and jet massages. And with holistic sleep wellness programs that include massages, calm body scrubs and foot acupressure sessions, you’ll get a good night’s rest that will help boost your overall health and mood just in time for another relaxing day. 
Lake Austin Spa Resort | Austin, Texas
Built on 19 acres on an all-inclusive waterfront, the Lake Austin Spa Resort has consistently been rated as not only one of the best spas in North America, but also in the world. With 40 classic and comfortable rooms dedicated to your stay, Lake Austin features colorful rustic architecture that feels like home the minute you walk in. Its salons offer well over a hundred spa treatments, including massages, body treatments, facials, hot stone therapy and more. If you prefer something different from the usual spa setting, the resort’s specialists can join you in the pool to provide therapy while you’re floating in the water. Plus the spa offers an exclusive water taxi that can take you to any of its 15 aquatic activities on the lake such as wake surfing, kayaking, paddleboard yoga and more. Whether you go to the spa or swim, Lake Austin has plenty of lake life to share. 
Sha Wellness Clinic | Alicante, Spain
Established on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the Sierra Helada park in Spain, the Sha Wellness Clinic is a holistic medical resort dedicated to helping you toward lifelong health and well-being. With 14 programs committed to wellness and rejuvenation, the Sha Wellness Clinic provides treatment through “The Sha Method,” which combines natural therapies with traditional practices for exceptional results. But the clinic’s facilities are just as spectacular, with indoor pools, saunas, salons, steam rooms, ice fountains and underwater jets helping you unwind and decompress. There’s even an infinity pool on the outdoor rooftop that provides stunning views of the coast. Combine that with the open spaces and private pools that come with its 11 residences, and you have a personalized, refreshing spa experience that feels like paradise. 
September 29, 2021
6:00 AM
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