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Shola Adewumi
Congrats on the upcoming launch of your new Spa “Vintage by Naomie”. What will make this different from Touch of Glamour your previous beauty outfit?
This will be different due to several reasons. For one, it’s full on Luxury experience at its best. From stepping in, to the customer service, to the atmosphere, mood and music. Then we have to talk about the service. Full-on organic and holistic pampering experience in a serene “sparadise”. We don’t have a salon inclusive in this venture like the last one I had.
We have professional massage therapists from around the world and other beauty technicians who are always available to attend to your spa and wellness needs. We took time to curate and formulate the best of organic oils and natural products that have been tested and used for centuries as the major part of our products, thereby giving your skin the right radiance and desired outcome while protecting it as well.
Tell us a bit about your background. What made you venture into the beauty industry?
My background! Well, I have been in the beauty, spa and wellness industry for over a decade now. I have won a few accolades too. The industry is one that has always fascinated me and when I saw an opportunity to be a part of it, I took it full-on. I was barely 25 when I ventured into this industry and I have always been a firm believer in feeling and looking good inside and outside.
With beauty, spa and wellness, I can help people to achieve this goal. This isn’t only physical but psychological as well. If you look good generally, you will feel good inwardly. Your confidence will be boosted and so will your esteem. So, I made it my mission to educate people about the wellness aspect of the Spa, wellness and beauty industry.
What are some challenges you’ve had in your entrepreneurial journey and how were you able to overcome them?
Wow, challenges, hmmm… quite a number of them but rather than stating them, I would rather say how I overcame them. It isn’t easy being an entrepreneur especially in our country. There are several obstacles you will face – but with dedication, persistence, smart work, hardwork, support from your loved ones and a lot of prayers, one can overcome the challenges. At least, that’s how I overcame and still overcome them.
We know that Nigerians are now taking better care of themselves and the wellness industry is making waves – what makes your Spa standout ?
Yes! It’s such a joy to see the spa and wellness industry growing with Nigerians and people all over the world taking good care of themselves.
I like to preach that going to the spa isn’t just a luxury but a way of life, a total lifestyle. Like I mentioned earlier, we come with natural and organic products; ancient therapeutic rituals and modern remedies to give the ultimate wellness that your body needs.
We are not a medical spa but a relaxation and wellness spa. You know, sometimes you are so stress that you feel unwell and think you need the hospital but really you need the spa. You need to let your body be at ease while your mind be at rest or vice versa. At Vintage by Naomie Spa, we shall do all in our power to make you feel pampered and well taken care of – so that you feel whole again.
Tell us more about the never seen in Nigeria facilities that your Spa will have.
Well, I don’t know if they have never been seen in Nigeria but I do know they are one of a kind and probably never been seen the Vintage by Naomie way. We have the Rain Massage water therapy which goes back centuries as a natural healing remedy for the body. We also have the Ayurveda Indian massage which is also dated way back 5,000 years and is used to relieve pain and stress while inducing sleep and much more. The general saying is that you will feel 10 years younger. And lots more…
When is the spa open officially?
The spa will launch on the 31st of October and will be open to everyone from the 2nd of November because we are closed on Mondays.
As a relaxation and wellness enthusiast, how do you unwind after a busy day/week?
Oh easy, I love water therapy. It just revives and rejuvenates your nerves and sense. Be it hot or cold or mixed depending on your preference and need at the time. So definitely a long shower or bath, a cup of peppermint tea or ginger tea, foot soaks and rubs with organic infusions and most definitely a massage.
The type of massage varies on the stress level or preference. Oh, soothing music to calm the senses and some breathing exercises. Also, a fun time out with close friends with great laugh and energy. These work for me.
What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Is there a person or memory that inspires you to keep going? Wow, I think it’s my past and future. When I think of my past, I am motivated to keep going and do better and not make same mistakes.
Then I think of what the future might be, I am inspired to keep going so I can attain that which I desire and truly deserve.

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