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Dear Smiley: I was raised in Opelousas, where in the ’30s barber shops were like ‘good ole boy’ clubs, staying open late on Saturday nights to accommodate farmers, drummers (salesmen), and guys who wanted to get a shave before going to the many clubs in the area.
Late one Saturday night, a young couple entered Cormier’s Barber Shop, and the man asked barber Ottis Welch for a shave.
As he sharpened his razor on the strap, the woman walked up to Welch and whispered, “You’d better be careful with that razor.”
The woman was Bonnie Parker and the man in the chair was Clyde Barrow. (It was said the bank robbing gang had been given a deal by the authorities — safe haven if they didn’t rob St. Landry Parish banks.)
Years later, Mr. Welch became my barber. He told me that he probably was the last man to shave Clyde Barrow, because he and Bonnie were killed in north Louisiana soon afterward.
When the movie came out, I asked him if the real Bonnie was as good-looking as Faye Dunaway. He just shook his head and answered, “Not close.”
Church Point
Dear Smiley: During the ’60s, I was worked as a hairdresser in Lafayette.
I had many patrons from all over the U.S. They did not understand a lot of what we said: “pass the mop” for “mop the floor” and “save the dishes” for “put them away” and “pass for me” for “give me a ride,” and so forth.
A patron from Boston said while she worked, a Cajun woman babysat her children. Naturally, they grew more accustomed to her accent than their mother’s.
One night, as their mother dressed for a ball, she mentioned to her daughter that she was putting on her party dress.
Astounded, the little girl exclaimed, “You have a dress to go to the potty?”     
Dear Smiley: Mentions of the filming of “Everybody’s All-American” (filmed in 1987 for 1988 release) brings back many memories.
My husband worked as a production assistant (‘gopher’) for a few months before we married. (If I haven’t sent in his story about meeting Meg Ryan in a towel, let me know and I will.)
Extras were asked to sit in Tiger Stadium for crowd scenes in the football movie.
It was in October or November, cold, and several hundred extras sat for hours in the stadium for a slim chance of being shown in the final cut.
At some point someone yelled, “Who do you have to sleep with to GET OUT of this movie?”
Dear Cindy: Regarding the Meg Ryan story: Was he in a towel or was she in a towel? What the heck, send me the story either way …
Dear Smiley: I have another sandwich story for you:
Back in the day, I would get two pieces of toast with peanut butter, bananas, yellow cheese, maple syrup, jalapeños, and a slice of bologna, and wash it down with an “adult root beer.”
Kids, don’t try this at home!
Bayou Blue 
Dear Smiley: Speaking of the aroma of fresh-cooked goodies:
On Sundays after St. Theresa’s early Mass with my grandmother, we’d walk home a couple of blocks. At Cal’s Bakery we’d always stop for a dozen just-made doughnuts.
I cherish the memories of getting back to her house and eating melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts while reading the Sunday funny papers! What a treat that was!
Dear Smiley: Reading about hot loaves of bread from Sunbeam Bakery reminds me of my childhood.
My parents would load all five of us kids in the old Dodge and visit my godmother, who lived on Terrace Street.
Daddy would go by way of Park Boulevard, where a man with a cart full of Muffoletto’s hot tamales was set up.
Couple dozen of ’em made the trip a blast!
Baton Rouge
Dear Smiley: I saw this sign at a vet’s office on Joor Road:
“If cats could text, they WOULDN’T!”
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