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September 20, 2021
The new platform from foodcircle provides the hospitality industry a fully digital process to order and reorder ingredients from suppliers. One-click reordering enables users to eliminate redundant emails and paperwork from their workflow.
In addition to this innovative way of ordering, foodcircle will offer logistics and financing services. The platform’s delivery network spans continental Europe, with support for any and all types of Incoterms.
Users will gain access to 60- and 90-day payment terms on their orders – a significant departure from the industry standards of 30 days for existing customers, or advance payment for newcomers. foodcircle has developed a bespoke digital credit check solution to facilitate these generous financing options.
foodcircle launched as an organic ingredients wholesaler in 2018. The startup has since established itself as a key player in the F&D industry, with over 800,000 tonnes of ingredients transacted by hundreds of clients, from small businesses to larger companies. The firm is backed by leading European investors.
foodcircle Co-founder, Alessandro Petrucciani, said: “With our new platform, we’re giving ingredient buyers a unique tool that will equip them to be better and more competitive at their job, while saving time that can be used for other crucial business operations.
“We also help companies to be more organised and resilient. Covid has shown the food industry that at a time when supply chains are unstable and changing fast, having things under control can be a competitive advantage. foodcircle gives its users that crucial edge, transforming ingredients procurement from an administrative burden into a strategic asset.
“From the artisan chocolatier to the high-volume dairy business, we are serving the same flexible solution to every player in the F&D industry: a digital approach that will do for ingredients procurement what spreadsheets did for accounting.”

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