Silvergate San Marcos begins $800,000 Memory Care renovations – Coast News

SAN MARCOS, CA — Oct. 26, 2021 — Silvergate San Marcos, one of coastal North County’s leading boutique-style retirement communities, announced the start of major renovations in their dedicated Memory Care Suites building.  New color renderings have been released and will be on full display at Silvergate’s upcoming Memory Care Lunch & Learn event scheduled for Thursday, Nov.18, 2021, beginning at 11:30 a.m.
With more than $800,000 in renovations taking place, planned interior upgrades include:  all new flooring, furniture, artwork, wall coverings, window treatments, resurfaced fireplaces with new decorative wall tiles, all new lighting throughout, new fixtures, new accessories for activities, games and crafts and enhanced directional signage.
Unique to Silvergate, the dedicated Memory Care Suites building was designed specifically for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  The building houses six distinct “neighborhoods,” each made up of private and shared rooms oriented towards a common living and dining room spaces.  This neighborhood design takes a more personalized, home-like approach to care and provides residents with an easy-to-navigate community floorplan.
“Silvergate was among the first to bring a specialized memory care neighborhood design to the marketplace for seniors living with memory loss and we’re proud of that,” said Matt Petree, Vice President of Development for the Silvergate senior living communities.  “We’re continually working to improve our properties for the benefit of our residents and these newly renovated memory care neighborhoods provide a new, contemporary feel in a safe and secure environment where residents don’t have hallways or corridors to wander.  That means they’re less likely to experience confusion or anxiety, which creates a comfortable and familiar setting for those living with impaired memory.”
Each neighborhood has an adjacent, themed Activity Room currently being renovated as well which include an arts and craft room, a music room, a quiet reading room and a sun room.   These spaces help provide residents with an opportunity to connect with others and engage in regular activities every day such as music therapy, wellness classes, brain teasers and group conversation.  When completed, these upgraded Activity Rooms will come on line with an all-new roster of therapeutic and inspiring activities for residents who are living with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss.
A new Private Family Dining Room space is among the improvements being made and will allow families to reserve an elegant space for celebrating memorable occasions or gathering together with loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays.
The on-site hair and beauty salon also is being upgraded from floor to ceiling with all new equipment, new flooring and a fresh contemporary design.  This conveniently located salon will give residents exclusive access to a convenient place to receive top-notch salon services from experienced stylists right where they live throughout the week.
The improvements are expected to be completed in January 2022 and can currently be experienced while touring the facility through a series of life-like rendering displays along the tour path.
Local families are encouraged to learn more about Silvergate’s renovation plans as well as their award-winning care model at the next Silvergate Memory Care Lunch & Learn event scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. at the community.  Guest speaker Laura Barish, of Aging Planning, Inc., will host a discussion on, “Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Memory Care Community.”  SEATING IS LIMITED.  To R.S.V.P., call David Nelson at (760) 744-4484.  General information about the independent living, assisted living and memory care accommodations at Silvergate can be found at  Silvergate is located at 1550 Security Place, San Marcos, CA  92078.
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