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Holy Carrot in Knightsbridge
The rise of wellness is far from new, but it is changing. With work from home routines becoming the standard and work/life balance an increasingly complex algorithm, there has never been a better time pause and reflect. As the world has adapted, being housebound now comes with far fewer limitations. Home fitness and at-home treatments have never been available at a higher standard. The wellbeing of the future is more about all around health and happiness than excruciating workouts and impossible diets.
ForLLe’d Facial At GA Salon London
ForLLe’d beauty
Using the brand’s signature nanotechnology, the Forlle’d Advanced Facial works at the skin’s deepest level, aiding cellular regeneration and stimulating collagen production. The amounts and order of application is customizable to each client, and the treatment finishes with massage techniques to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Developed by a doctor in Japan, the brand has its own laboratory where it manufactures and finesses each product. Combining the best in science with the best in nature, Forlle’d is a perfect fit for GA Salons, the boutique London-based beauty group committed to using healthy, organic and environmentally sustainable products for its treatments.
Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex
Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex
Inessa founder Aliza Marogy is a registered nutritional therapist specializing in gut health. At age 19, she was diagnosed with IBD; she lost her hair and nearly had to have life-changing surgery. In a last-ditch attempt, she started altering her diet and the effects were apparent. It’s with this in mind that she started Inessa. Each Inessa capsule contains 50 billion organisms and seven probiotic strains. Unlike other probiotics, it doesn’t require refrigeration and its capsule is designed for a slow release.
001 Skin Microniser
001 Skin Microniser
“Our skin is made of 65 percent water, making hydration the foundation for repair and rejuvenation,” explained 001 founder Ada when launching her innovative Microniser. “I want a breakthrough in delivering hydrants and actives at any moment, be it for skincare or make-up, to create a genuine, naturally plumped and translucent glow.” Designed with the latest high-frequency atomisation technology, 001’s Microniser exclusively transmits the brand’s Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Serum into micrometre particles, enhancing the efficacy and absorption of the product. Portable and USB chargeable, it can be used anytime and anywhere to achieve the ultimate glow.
111Skin Liquid Masks
Liquid masks by 111Skin
Sheet masks proved the perfect on-the-run hydration fix, but for every day, an old-fashioned from the tube face mask can’t be beat. Following the success of the brand’s high-quality sheet masks, 111Skin has launched a collection of new liquid masks. Each product has been designed to target a specific skin concern, but always with radiance and replenishment front of mind.
Never Go Alone
Never Go Alone face masks
Handcrafted in Italy from technical fabrics, these slick face masks from Never Go Alone are both breathable and practical. The exterior layer has been treated with viroblock technology to neutralize bacteria, and they are water-repellant, perfect for the unpredictable British weather. The unique contoured nose bridge offers maximum comfort, and with the four colourways, there is bound to be at least one to suit every style.
Soke Beauty
Not all skin was created equal. “The skin on the chest is totally different from the skin on your face,” explained Soke Beauty founder Amy Newman Brown when launching her brand. “It is very much the same as the delicate areas in and around your eye.” Together with a biomedical engineer and a cosmetic chemist, Newman Brown spent three years developing a treatment that would be suitable for all skin types. Enter Soke Beauty, a product that includes a potent cocktail of ingredients that plump, sooth and diminish lines around the chest and eyes. “I know that taking 30 minutes out for anyone can be nearly impossible, so Soke had to be easy.” The treatment can be applied anytime—in front of the computer, while making dinner, or when watching TV. And it never needs to be washed off, it just melts into the skin.  
eTHikel Marketplace
Sustainable sheets by eTHikel
As the name might suggest, eTHikel is an environmentally conscious retail destination, selling the very best sustainable brands. The online retailer currently stocks over 80 sustainable and ethical brands from beauty and health to wellness, home and more. Beauty brands include Inika Organic, Lola’s Apothecary, Green Planet Beauty, Juni Cosmetics, as well as a strong selection of health and wellbeing products, such as kombucha, candles, and essential oils. 
Dr Reena
Dr Reena
“Gum disease is the most common human disease, but unfortunately one of the least acknowledged,” explains gum specialist and Oral-B ambassador Dr Reena from her Harley Street dental practice. An expert on all things gums (and of course teeth as well) Dr Reena speaks both passionately and articulately on the subject. Her gum work ranges from cosmetic tweaks to life-changing adjustments. And for the day-to-day, Dr Reena has fine-tuned the quarterly clean with her Polish and Perfect treatment. A welcome alternative to the old-fashioned scraping and scouring, it uses a combination of fine powder particles, compressed air, and water to polish the teeth. It’s a quick way to brighten the smile without harsh chemicals or drugstore whiteners. And for a final takeaway, try one of Dr Reena’s at-home rose-gold tongue scrapers. Not only does it look sleek in your vanity, the tongue can harbour bacteria and detritus, which can lead to bad breath. And while the action can be a little idiosyncratic at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to stop.
Holy Carrot
Vietnamese-style green roll with heritage vegetables and peanut sauce at Holy Carrot
Holy Carrot founder Irina Linovich had the desire to bring an element of fun to vegan fare. “Carrot symbolises the fun and intriguing element of the brand, and Holy represents the healthy nature of our dishes,” she explained when launching the plant-based restaurant at Urban Retreat in Knightsbridge. Served in elegant surrounds, the menu focuses on seasonal British produce, and all the dishes are free from gluten, refined sugar, and preservatives. And still, it is an enticing menu, including dishes such as steamed Asian dumplings, sticky and sweet orange cauliflower, vegetable sushi, and a raw Vietnamese-style roll. Here healthy doesn’t mean going without, and there’s an impressive dessert menu with a summer berry meringue, chocolate cheesecake, and a miso caramel sponge cake. There’s also a serious juice menu, along with a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.
All Press Coffee Capsules
All Press coffee capsules
Serious coffee lovers have always turned their noses up at pods—until now. Allpress, the lauded Australian coffee brand, has just launched its own Nespresso-compatible capsule. With more blends to come in the future, they’ve also introduced an innovative, environmentally friendly “return-to-us” scheme, allowing customers to post their empty capsules back to Allpress for recycling. To achieve optimum flavour, the coffee comes in an aluminium capsule, and their signature roast has been reformulated with Brazilian beans for body and sweetness; Colombian and Guatemalan beans for acidity and caramel; and Sumatran beans for dark notes and earthiness.
Bodyism gym in Notting Hill
With its flagship club in the heart of Notting Hill, Bodyism has become a one-stop-shop for Londoners in the know. Operating a membership model, the boutique fitness group offers a mix of group classes, personal training, and treatments by Tarryn Warren. The approach here is 360, with supplements, meal-plans, food-delivery services and more. In recent months, they’ve launched a digital platform, offering a library of pre-recorded and on-demand workouts. And for those lucky few who are beginning to travel again, Bodyism also has a home in Hampshire at Heckfield Place and at Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. 
Choose Love’s Afghanistan Appeal
Choose Love’s Afghanistan appeal
Second-hand clothing marketplace Thrift+ has launched a special pop-up shop in support of Choose Love’s emergency Afghanistan appeal. Named the Second Life Store, the profits from every sale will go towards supporting refugees fleeing the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan. All clothing in the pop-up shop has been donated by individuals who have ordered and returned a ThriftBag, opting to support this initiative. And for every item sold in the Second Life Store, Thrift+ has pledged to donate a further £2. There are items to suit every budget, starting at £10, and some investment pieces, like a Prada blazer and a Fendi silk scarf. Funds raised will go towards a network of Afghan-led organisations that are providing crucial aid services to refugees who have fled the country: clothes, food and shelter, as well as supporting groups protecting women’s and children’s rights.
United Fitness Brands
Boom Cycle, a member of United Fitness Brands
A new boutique fitness supergroup, and the first of its kind, United Fitness Brands has launched in the UK this year. The concept: three of London’s premium boutique fitness offerings (Barrecore, Boom Cycle and Kobox) have joined forces. Each brand will now share expert fitness knowledge, connections and combine central resources, such as retail, food and beverage, operating and sales systems, and maintenance costs. And with more consumers looking to try new fitness experiences, and to vary their workouts, having all three under one umbrella is ideal.
Pistol Panties
Swimwear by Pistol Panties
London-based swimwear brand Pistol Panties offers a range of bikinis and one-pieces that are feminine, flattering, and most importantly fun. Deborah Fleming, founder of the label, has just launched her new eco-swim range as part of the newly designed website. The idea behind the new line is to make use of high-quality fabrics, and on-point manufacturing techniques, which are then applied to the brand’s classic designs. The result? A collection of high-quality and timeless designs, created to be loved and worn for years to come.
Skincare by Regimen
It’s an open industry secret that almost every skincare brand outsources the formulation and production of their products to a few giant factories. So when the Regimen founders began researching for product development, they realized that only a small percentage of brands were using real, rigorous science in their products. Making real science-based skincare is a delicate and dedicated process. The same ingredient from two different suppliers can drastically change a product—it’s the kind of detail you notice when you test 300 prototypes before taking a product for market. After conducting extensive research on the skincare problems they wanted to solve, the Regimen team headed to a university lab in Toronto to try and make some products of their own. The resulting formulations worked. They liked them. Their friends loved them, and so, they got their own lab and created Regimen.
Rejuvenating Lip Treatment By Juni
Rejuvenating Lip Treatment by Juni
The British cosmetic brand Juni was founded by makeup artist Madeleine White, with the aim to combine luxury, high-performance, and green beauty, into one company. As autumn rolls around, the brand has just launched a lip care product housed in palm-sized recyclable aluminium packaging. Formulated with a blend of water-binding and skin-plumping active ingredients, including amino acids, peptides and pineapple enzymes, the rejuvenating lip treatment promises to deeply moisturize, repair the lips, stimulate collagen production and soothe sensitive skin. The product can be used overnight as a nourishing lip mask, or as needed throughout the day. It also works as a pre-treatment when applied 15 minutes before lipstick, helping the colour to spread smoothly and last longer.
Kin Magic Blocks
Kin Magic blocks
Lighter and softer than other cork blocks, these clever yoga blocks have been designed for yoga lovers by seasoned yoga instructors. Kin creates beautiful products that are functional and chic. Their mats—like these blocks—are perfect for daily practice and feel great against your bare feet and hands.
Afghanistan Charity Jewellery Auction 
Antique bracelet with padlock clasp by Bear Brooksbank
Jewellers for Afghanistan is a charity initiative that is bringing together 24 independent British jewellers, who have each generously donated a piece to be sold as part of an online auction benefiting the Afghanistan-based charity Women for Afghan Women. The auction will feature designs from iconic British jewellers, including Solange, Annoushka, Theo Fennell, Pippa Small and Shaun Leane, as well as emerging talent, including Jessie Thomas, Bear Brooksbank, Liv Luttrell and Christopher Thompson Royds. Each designer has donated a piece of jewellery retailing between £270 and £1,570, with bidding available via the London fine art auction house Roseberys.
Amazon Hair
Amazon salon in London
When Neville Hair and Beauty owner and founder Elena Lavagni got a call from Amazon to launch a new salon experience for the behemoth brand, she jumped. “What people might not realise is that the technology used in the salon is a pre-existing technology,” says Lavagni. “Amazon found a playful way to get clients entering salons, creating an environment where you can actually try out hair colours before investing the time and money, where your home-care service is so well thought out that you don’t have to carry products with you after your salon visit; instead, the products will be delivered to your door by Amazon.”
First approached in 2018, Lavagni took the time to get things right. “I am delighted to be a part of this. The salon combines classic hairdressing services with technology to deliver a unique experience for clients. Our creative team of stylists, whose flair for hair is as intrinsic as their love for technology, put the client at the heart of everything they do. I feel proud to be using my 40 years’ experience in the industry to help bring this salon to life. We are not only creating a successful business, but we will be able to help other salons to reimagine their businesses as well.”
Thick Skin self-care kit
Thick Skin is a fragrance-free lipid serum—a no-nonsense product that protects the skin’s barrier as a daily serum, and works as a slip agent to use with facial tools. Sacheu Beauty founder Sarah Cheung broke out onto the market with her innovative take on traditional facial massage tools—100 percent stainless-steel devices that are non-porous and self-cooling, unlike their traditional jade and rose-quartz counterparts. After much success with these stainless-steel facial massage tools, the brand has now expanded to include a small range of complementary skincare products.
Cartografie Chocolates
Cartografie chocolates
Former pastry chef Kae Shibata had the support of her partner, MasterChef champ Sven-Hanson Britt, when the pair decided to launch their own gourmet chocolate brand. Created at their workshop and flagship boutique at City Island in East London, Cartografie produces a huge range of flavors and chocolates, but those experiments don’t always make it onto the shelves. Instead, only a small amount are for sale in-store and online, as the team makes sure to develop everything fully before it is released to the public. And if you come into the studio, they can offer tastings, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
Total Wardrobe Care
Total Wardrobe Care kit
Travel is stressful enough—endless lines, Covid tests, long waits. Opening a disorganized suitcase, finding creased or even damaged clothes, it’s the last thing a tired traveller needs. Designed to slot snugly together in a carry-on suitcase, each Total Wardrobe packing cube is made of robust fabric, and the zips, which open around three sides, ensure easy access. The lid is made of a lightly transparent mesh enabling a quick view of the contents without having to open the cube. The mesh also enables fabrics to breath, which prevents any musty smells from developing. Created with every wardrobe in mind, each set comes with three different sized pouches.
Lena Korres
Lena Korres
Lena Korres, co-founder and general manager of Korres’s North American operations, is a woman in the know. With Lena in charge, the Korres brand has attained the near impossible, attracting both the Gen Z customer and the older baby boomer consumer. The success can be traced back to the brand’s roots: it’s authentic Green heritage, it’s clean products, and its emphasis on unique and effective formulas, such as its hero ingredient black pine. The brand has been quick out the gates when it comes to both sustainability and sourcing, managing and overseeing every element of the product development process from its headquarters in Athens. And to top it all off, their marketing, branding and packaging is entirely on-point.
Rosie Stockley
Rosie Stockley
A former dancer, Rosie Stockley now specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness. She setup Mamawell in 2017, shortly after the birth of her daughter. But as well as offering a diverse library of workout videos, what she has come to realize is how important it is to be holistic in your approach to fitness and health. It is so much harder to eat right and push yourself at the gym when you haven’t slept properly. It’s with this in mind that Rosie has launched a new series around nighttime rituals and sleep.

A longtime journalist, I am the former Associate Editor, Print and Digital at Vanity Fair in London and the current London Correspondent for I am also the

A longtime journalist, I am the former Associate Editor, Print and Digital at Vanity Fair in London and the current London Correspondent for I am also the London Editor for Air Mail. I have worked freelance for a variety of international publications, including House & Garden, Departures, Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, Dujour, Travel and Leisure, Vogue UK and Refinery29. I am the director of an events company called Long-Winded Lady Productions—our first project was producing a film festival for the United Nations. I am currently working on a non-fiction book about Dorothy Parker and a radio play.


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