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08/27/2021 at 12:09 CEST
New scandals overshadow the good sporting moment of the German tennis player Alexander ‘Sasha’ Zverev. And is that his ex-partner, the Russian tennis player Olga Sharypova, has again revealed in an interview dark episodes lived during their relationship and that refer to a terrible case of gender violence.
I hope you die, but you won’t in my room. Inject yourself insulin if you want but do it on the street, but I do not want problems, “he came to say in a discussion, as revealed by Sharypova in an interview with the magazine ‘Slate’.
That discussion took place during the Shanghai Masters 1000 in 2019, when the German was outraged at her for not waiting for him at the hotel: “She was scolding me with great fury because I had left her a box of fruit that a friend had given us in her massage table. “Why did you leave this here? I need the room to be clean, I don’t understand what you do in a beauty salon instead of here. Don’t you love me? “, Says the Russian.
Even the ghost of suicide appears in an undoubtedly toxic relationship, in Sharypova’s words: “When I arrived at the hotel in Shanghai, Sascha received me very seriously and told me that he had been waiting for me and that now I would be the one to wait for him. He went and left me alone in the room, after saying very ugly things to me. I sank, I did not know what to do and I went back to injecting insulin, I did not want to continue fighting. “
“When he came back, he measured my blood sugar, gave me some glucose and He began to yell at me very angry, how can I do that to him, and if I realize the problems I cause him if I die in his room. He told me that he was the victim and that I would not let him concentrate, but when I proposed to end the relationship and leave, he made it impossible for me, “continued Sharypova, adding that the tennis player became violent and grabbed her by the neck, even pushing her against the wall while yelling at her in anger.
The Russian tennis player recounts how her relationship with Zverev was hell almost from day one: “The first time he hit me was in Monaco. We had argued that day and we were in the corridor. He grabbed me by the head and hit me against the wall. I collapsed and was left unconscious, and he was so scared that he made up a story in which he told me that I had attacked him and that he had not done anything. “
A scandal of mistreatment that has persecuted the German tennis player for more than two years and that undoubtedly represents a terrible stain on his sporting and human history.
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