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RALEIGH, N.C. — Salons in the Triangle and across the state have been able to remain open this year, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  
Last year, salons were forced to close their doors because of public health restrictions.  
As the delta variant emerges, many salon owners are being cautious and are hoping there will not be another shutdown. 
In May of last year, we checked in with Face Cafe Glam Bar in Raleigh just as they were opening back up after being forced to close.
Owner Natashia White-Pass doesn’t take her job as an esthetician and makeup artist for granted. 
“There are older businesses up and running for years and they are gone," she says. "I’ve been in business for three years, and I’m still here and I’m grateful.”
Recently, instead of being inundated with calls from clients asking if they could come in for an appointment, they’ve called to  reschedule.
“They’re being cautious and saying, "Hey! I’ve got a little runny nose, or hey, I have a cough or my child has a cough, let me just reschedule just to be safe, just to be sure, I’ll go get tested," White-Pass said.
White-Pass is appreciative of the honesty, as her priority is always to keep her business clean and safe. But, seeing a decline in clientele over the last couple of months has been a challenge.
“We would not still be open if it wasn’t for the community, for our clientele, our friends, our family coming and they pay to get services to help us stay afloat. It’s been something,” White-Pass said.


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