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Feeling good about oneself is important to one’s mental and physical health. While have self-confidence is vital how one views themselves can hinder themselves from happiness. 
Roxanna Salinas, owner of Salinas Body Dimensions, was unhappy with her body image and after researching cosmetic surgery options she spoke with her husband about her plans.
“I had a full mommy makeover. I didn’t like the way I looked when I saw myself,” Salinas said. “It’s important that we like ourselves especially as women. We have enough outside influences telling us what our bodies should be like. Yes, we need self-confidence, but that’s where my self-confidence didn’t match what I saw in the mirror.”
She underwent cosmetic surgery, but she didn’t get off the operating table “beach body ready.” 
“They don’t tell you that there’s work to be done afterwards. You don’t wake up looking like Kim Kardashian,” Salinas said. “There’s a lot of aftercare therapy needed. You just invested into your body, into yourself.”
Salinas started doing her aftercare therapy with a woman certified in body contouring. The therapy was designed to shape her body the way she wanted plus provide the medical benefits for someone who has undergone cosmetic surgery.
The therapy reduces the chance of the body becoming lumpy, getting blood clots and the soreness that comes from a surgical procedure, Salinas said. 
As Salinas was undergoing aftercare therapy, her therapist suggested that Salins get certified and licensed in the field. Who better to understand clients than someone who has been in their shoes?
Salinas decided it was something she wanted to pursue. After becoming certified she opened a business in Falfurrias where she lives. However, many of her clients were closer to Alice. 
After consulting with her family the mother of five opened her business April 26 of 2020  at 1007 E. Sixth St. in Alice. 
“I was nervous coming to Alice, but right away everyone welcomed me with open arms. I was getting all kinds of clients; some for aftercare and others for the non invasive therapy,” Salinas said. I’d go home and tell my husband Alice is ‘buena gente.’ I couldn’t believe the welcome I was getting from clients and even other spas and businesses.
Clients have seemed to flock to Salinas’ door. 
“It’s about feeling good about yourself. Some might have the surgery for their mental and physical health and others might just want it for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of why, I tell people they need to do their research and be realistic about the end result.”
Every session, Salinas does is customized to the client. 
Salinas Body Dimensions is a full body sculpting cavitation and massage service using different techniques to achieve someone’s optimum results using non-invasive laser lipo, 40K ultrasound, infrared radio frequency, vacuum therapy and more. 
“I work with anyone. I make sure they understand what the sessions are and I continually visit with clients. I show them their progress. Sometimes we don’t see or feel like anything is being done until someone else points it out,” Salinas said. “Even after one session a client can see a difference in their body. I remind my clients it’s not a magic cure all. TV shows only show the before and after of these procedures; never the care in between that is essential to the results a person wants.
Where: 1007 E. Sixth St. in Alice (inside Beauty Bar Balon)
Information: To scheduled a consultation or appointment call 361-355-6171.


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