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The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. The way we used to eat, live, go out, meet friends and family has all taken a turn. The new normal of wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitiser has become a mandatory trend to be followed. A trend that is not driven by any fashion choice or innovation, but by the lack of access to the 'salons'.
Salons were shut in the wake of the outbreak because it was feared that the physical proximity-based operations could be highly conducive for the spread of the coronavirus. Maintaining social distancing or adhering to protocols such as not touching one's face proved to be challenging in the initial stages of the outbreak.
However, salon services are a basic necessity for the majority of people. Everyone needs at least one visit to the salon every 1-2 months for service as basic as a haircut, even if we try to survive without it.
Now that salons have resumed operations in many parts of the country, and people have also started going to work, taking that above-mentioned "pending haircut" is quite compulsory.
Following the below-mentioned tips will not only make us rediscover the joy of salon services at the comfort of our homes, but will also keep us safe from contracting any kind of infection.
– Before booking an appointment with a beautician, you should be aware of the information related to the person's body temperature and health. Even when the person visits your home to deliver the services, his/her body temperature should be normal and shouldn't be displaying any signs of illness.
– Beauticians delivering the services should wear a PPE kit that includes a mask, gloves, bodysuit, and a face shield.
– You should ensure that only single-use products are used. Blades, towels, tissues must be sealed, and shouldn't be reusable.
– Beauticians should bring all the required items plus the salon kit with them and you needn't provide them with any wearables or tools.
– You should carefully match the beautician's details with those provided in the service provider's app. Ensure it is the same person before letting him/her enter your home.
– The area where the beautician sets up to deliver the services must be thoroughly sanitised.
– Make sure that the beautician collects all the items brought in and properly disposes off used products. Further, the person should also sanitise all the touchpoints such as handles, tabletops and switches before leaving.
By observing these practices, you can confidently enjoy grooming services without compromising your safety.
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