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LEWISTON – Rooted Salon and Spa in Lewiston works hard to ensure women in the valley leave feeling beautiful, relaxed, and cared for every day. 
In June of 2019, Owner Morgan Johnson started Rooted to bring a relaxing twist to the usual hair salon adding spa services. Over the years, this goal grew into reality and now they are moving locations to accommodate for their growing services and customer base. 
Over the next six-eight months, Rooted will be moving from its location on Eighth Street to a bigger location on Main Street
“We don’t take enough time for ourselves,” said Johnson. “Originally, when we opened we had a relaxation room. You would be able to get into your robe before your service and get some time to unwind. Now, we have grown so much every space is full and we just decided to expand”. 
Rooted offers a variety of services from micro-needling, custom facials, full hair services, makeup for events, lashes, and so much more. They are also looking to add another massage therapist to their team to open that service to even more individuals.
A unique aspect of Rooted is everyone works as a team. Stylists work to be collectively one and interconnected, to ensure each individual has the best service possible.    
“The little details matter the most to us,” said Johnson. “We just want each person that walks into the to feel loved and special. Whether that be from getting a tour if this is your first time in or offering something to drink just making that person feel cared for is important. I want people to have a full experience, not just a service”. 
As Rooted starts its transition into its new storefront is to bring a spa feel to the LC Valley. Johnson went on to explain as the wine country grows and Lewiston expands its downtown, having a place for women to feel comfortable and relaxed is essential. 
With a smile and a heart full of joy, Johnson and her team mentioned they feel so blessed to have the clientele they do. With every day being busy, and the holidays being busier, each of the Rooted family enjoys helping the woman in the valley. 
To learn more about the Rooted team, follow them on Instagram @rootedsalonandspa
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