Report: Vaccination rate remains at roughly 93 percent, after roster cuts – NBC Sports

Rosters have dropped to 53, and vaccination rates reportedly have not.
Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the vaccination “has remained around 93 percent” following the roster cuts. Maske calls it “consistent” with the league-wide rate prior to the latest reductions.
There’s one important factor to consider in this regard. The league includes the practice squads in calculating vaccination rates. That total number is up to 69, not 53. With most members of the practice squad among the bottom-of-roster guys who already realized that they needed to be vaccinated to have a shot of making the team, the vaccination rate among practice squad members is likely 100 percent or close to it.
The 53-man vaccination rate is a different issue. The most important number becomes the team-by-team rate among starters. That’s where trouble can arise for teams that, for example, have a starting quarterback who isn’t vaccinated. One false move, and out goes the starter for one or more games.
Indeed, the vast majority of the unvaccinated players at this point undoubtedly come from the segment of the roster that is safe. So if the league-wide unvaccinated average sits at seven percent of 69, what’s the rate among 22?
On average, five players per team aren’t vaccinated. (Some are lower, some are higher.) If those players are all starters, that’s nearly 23 percent of the league-wide starting lineups.
And that number is a heck of a lot more revealing, and troubling, that seven percent.
One in five vaccinated people are becoming infected. This is not an indicted against the vaccine. It’s a testimony to the virulence of the Delta variant. Keep up the pressure. This thing is far from over. Get vaccinated. Listen to the people who have studied these things their entire professional careers. Stop taking advice from your fishing buddy or your wife’s hairdresser (or your veterinarian.)
Because a few teams have 15-20 players who won’t vaccinate and the teams mostly have their hands tied as to what to do with them.
Now if we could only get the entire country to that number we might have a chance at beating this thing! Having a solid percentage of the population unvaccinated will keep things as they are or worse. If you are not vaccinated, you are not helping. And yes, even vaccinated people can get covid-19 and the Delta variant but, they aren’t the one’s clogging up the ER!
That’s a very good percentage. I just don’t see how an NFL QB doesn’t get vaccinated. I agree it’s 100% their choice but it makes zero sense.
That makes sense. About 7% of the US thinks the earth is flat, that we never landed on the moon and Elvis is still alive.
Stunning to me that the union would fight a mandate over 7% of the players. And not just for the health of the players but because having everyone vaccinated ensures there won’t be any competition issues with players having to quarantine. Choosing to die on this hill is beyond ridiculous…
It is curious to see many quarterbacks among the non-vaccinated, I expect several teams to go into games without their starters, and it will hurt!
Factor in natural immunity please
Just heard 40% of new cases are in vaccinated people. Due to variances in how things are being reported, that number is likely higher. It’s random now. The big issue here is the way the NFL is handling it. It’s an apartheid system and is not necessary.
Well, with the no vaxx no fly bill that congress is proposing may fix things. Because we all know the government always has our best interests in mind
Natural Immunity actually is a thing and Kirk Cousins and Lamar Jackson among many others can attest to that fact.
Only those who side with the devil need vaccines. Very few side with God anyway.
Even if the bills only win 1 game, this is the BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT EVER YET!
There’s a lot of miss information in these comments. Just get vaccinated.
“tigershark0052 says:
September 3, 2021 at 6:13 pm
There’s a lot of miss information in these comments. Just get vaccinated.”
Not a good look bro, thats like saying ‘lots of people mistakenly taking the Pats, JUST TAKE THE BILLS’
These “vaccines” are getting less and less effective everyday. Fool me once shame on you, fool me every 6 months for the rest of my life, shame on me.
Vinny Curry’s vaccine injury (where he had his spleen removed and has blood clots) has been swept under the rug, blacked out by the enemy of the people press.
It’s just a matter of time before players suffer injuries from the jabs and they are then blamed on “ fans who are not jabbed”.
codylaws says:
September 3, 2021 at 6:10 pm
Only those who side with the devil need vaccines. Very few side with God anyway.
Get off of the devil’s internet.
The CDC only reports breakthrough cases for hospitalizations and deaths. The NFL is reporting every breakthrough case. The NFL is a extremely small sample size. Imagine how many breakthrough cases there are in the whole US. The vaccine hides symptoms but it doesn’t negate the virus. Tread lightly and mask up.
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