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* Drama Queen Studio is the world-famous Indian bridal make-up and hair artistry company that creates attractive looks and enhanced natural beauty since 2002
Laiba Mir
November 20, 2021
Beauty does not exist on its own but is created by observers. It is the desire of every man and woman to look beautiful all the time. There are so many ways to do so but taking constant care of your skin, hair, eyes and appearance is quite impossible in a busy routine. A salon is the best place to take care of your skin, hair, lashes, and your appearance and enhances your beauty. With the huge demand for beauty among the people and with the increasing number of beauty salons, it is hard to find the best one that suits your requirements.
Drama Queen Studio is the world-famous Indian bridal make-up and hair artistry company that creates attractive looks and enhanced natural beauty since 2002. Drama Queen Studio is a company founded by Senior Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Educator Kiran Purewal. She established Drama Queen Studio in 2002. No doubt Drama Queen Studio is among the well-known companies in Canada that specialize in providing the top-notch services of bridal hair and makeup to clients nationally and internationally for the past 19 years.
Kiran established herself in 2002 and has been one of the most experienced hair stylists and makeup artists in the Indian bridal industry. The company is comprised of senior hair stylist and makeup artist Kiran Purewal, her senior artists and also the non-bridal team. Drama Queen Studio has the largest team in British Columbia; all artists in Drama Queen Studio are trained by Kiran herself.
Since 2002, Kiran Purewal has got thousands of brides who get ready for their big day across the world. Drama Queen Studio operates worldwide catering to the domestic market as well as serving the international markets. With her success, she has increased her team to be able to cater to the non-bridal segment of the market too.
The elite artists of the Drama Queen Studio are extensively trained and specialise in bridal, non-bridal and fashion services, offering expert make-up application and hair styling to their clients. The teams of Drama Queen Studio are available to travel locally and internationally for bridal & non-bridal clients. They aspire to provide outstanding quality materials to their clients by maintaining their confidence on a supreme level. Drama Queen Studio also offers facial treatments and invites you to the best facial treatments with HydraFacial MD and cosmetic injection procedures. The med spa technicians of Drama Queen Studio have received the best training certification in the industry and are constantly updating their knowledge and expertise from industry experts in their field.
They also provide pro makeup and hair training. The students undergo a make-up and hair training programme at the Drama Queen Studio Academy, where they are provided with a professional and insightful learning experience. The academy certifies about a 100 students each year, which allows them to set up their own business in this industry. They have also extended their brand through products by selling hair extensions and 3D mink lashes.
The elite artists of Drama Queen Studio promise you to provide top-notch customer service. They are available via e-mail 24 hours a day and seven days a week for any inquires and offer you good customer service.

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