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From an exfoliating body scrub to an airfryer, there’s something here for everyone.
At Prevention, we take pride in picking the best products for our readers. Our mission has always been to highlight top-rated, expert-backed selections that truly solve a problem for you, make your day easier, or bring joy to your life.
That’s why we curate Prevention Picks each month, where our editors hand-select products that have genuinely made a difference in their lives. From brand-new launches to tried-and-true favorites, we shout out beauty products worth your money, fitness gear that will elevate your workouts, convenient gadgets for your home, tasty snacks that stand out from the rest, and so much more.

This month, you’ll find a few helpful cold-weather essentials, like soothing cherry-flavored cough drops made with natural brown rice syrup, a cult-favorite moisturizer with SPF, and vegan leather handbags that manage to be stylish and affordable. We’ve also discovered tank tops that don’t require bras, helping you to feel comfortable without any restraints, an air fryer you can use to whip up delicious snacks in minutes, and a coffee scrub that not only gets rid of dead skin cells, but also helps to soothe and relieve dry skin. Ahead, check out our latest finds—they make for great stocking stuffers, too. And who knows, you may end up getting a few for yourself!
When I finally gave in and splurged on an Airfryer, I opted for this Cuisinart model that doubles as a toaster oven, conserving valuable kitchen counter space. Its generous size AirFryer basket is perfect for cooking meals for our family of three or for preparing two of my favorite snacks—thinly sliced apples and crunchy chickpeas. It came highly recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute and I agree with them!
— Sue Kakstys, Assistant Managing Editor
I have fairly sensitive skin, so it has taken some trial and error to find the perfect moisturizer for my face. La Roche Posay has long been a go-to for me, so when I got my hands on this moisturizer-meets-SPF, I * knew * it was going to be top-notch. The formula goes on smooth and light, to hydrate without causing breakouts. Plus, it has SPF 30 (which is SO important!). I use it daily, year-round, no matter the weather (UV rays are still around on cloudy days!).
— Emily Goldman, Senior Editor
No matter how you feel about pageants, There She Was is a fascinating read, full of great reporting, juicy stories, and smart thinking. I’ll be honest with you: The author, a Washington Post reporter, is also my cousin, but I’m just so proud to know her and I have to share it. She never looks down on the pageants or the women in them, and that’s one of the reasons this story is so worthwhile. Read it now, so you can figure out how many to order as Christmas gifts.
— Sarah Smith, Editor in Chief  
It’s hard to find a high-quality vegan leather bag that looks as stylish and well made as a traditional leather one. I’ve been buying Matt & Nat bags for five years and they’re my favorite line of vegan leather products. This bag is my favorite fall look, but they have wallets, totes, backpacks, shoes, and more that come in stunning colors and won’t break the bank.
— Arielle Weg, Associate Editor 
Wow! This tiny vial of essential oils packs a serious destressing punch. It contains spruce, grapefruit, and essential pine oils that are said to help boost the function of the adrenal glands, which regulate our energy levels. Drop a bit into your palms and take a few whiffs for instant relaxation and equilibrium reset on chaotic days. You can also add a few drops to your bath for the same effect. (Even though it’s small in size, the bottle contains 150 drops!)
—  April Franzino, Beauty Director 
I recently weathered my first cold since the pandemic began, and although I can’t credit my (relatively) speedy recovery to these drops specifically, they certainly made life easier. Zinc has been shown to shorten colds, and popping these Zand lozenges helped me feel a little more in control of my illness. Plus, they actually taste pretty great and the dose is low enough that I don’t feel awful after sucking on a few (as opposed to, say, a 50 mg zinc pill).
— Jake Smith, Editorial Assistant
When I first opened the cute pink packaging of this body scrub and found actual coffee, I was, admittedly, a bit hesitant. I’d only ever used Himalayan salt scrubs before, and coffee grounds were new territory. I am so glad I gave Frank Body a chance because this stuff is unreal. The combo of coffee, vitamin E, and antioxidant-rich oils perks up my skin and works magic on all of my blemishes. Lightly lather it onto your body in a circular motion, rinse off, and step out of the shower feeling like a new person. You can head into winter with salon-level exfoliation and silky soft skin!
— Mica Bahn, Editorial Fellow  
It’s that time of year when the humidity dwindles and my dry skin shows signs of suffering. No matter how much moisturizer I apply, I can’t get the glow I want, which is where these luminizing drops come into play. I apply a few dots of product onto my cheekbones and forehead before and after applying makeup (if I’m wearing any), and it leaves my face beaming in the best way.
— Kayla Blanton, Freelance Writer
I’m so over bras (thank you, quarantine), but I’m not really comfortable leaving the house without one. This tank, which you order in your cup size, keeps things where they belong, without underwire or weird shelf bras that give you a uniboob. Oh, and no pads that pop out—the bra is built-in without any constraining elastic. I look smooth and put together, with no visible blobby bits. I’ve got white, so now I have to order another one in black.
— Stephanie Dolgoff, Deputy Director, Health Newsroom
I’ve recently experienced jaw tension from clenching and grinding my teeth at night. This rose quartz gua sha tool has become a savior in relieving tension and swelling. Every morning after I wash my face, I apply Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil and give myself an at-home gua sha facial. This helpful practice can also boost lymphatic drainage and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
— Nicol Natale, Freelance Writer
It’s bone broth season! And if you haven’t tried this good-for-you craze (that actually lives up to the health benefits hype), give it a try this Fall and Winter. Bone broth is super concentrated with nutrients because it’s made from not just bones but also ligaments and tendons, meaning you get even more health-promoting goodness to support (among other things) your gut, which in turn supports a strong immune system—something we’re all striving for more than ever these days! I love the broths from Belcampo because they use organic and humanely-raised animal parts, plus it tastes savory and delicious. For an extra boost, try swirling in spices like cayenne or turmeric for a cozy gut-promoting and anti-inflammatory sip.
— Alyssa Jung, Senior Editor
I live in leggings pretty much 24/7, so I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair. And these natural leggings by Allbirds have become my go-to pair. The leggings are lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, and made from a mix of sustainable materials like eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool. I love how it sculpts my body and gives off a flattering effect near the stomach area, thanks to its supportive waistband. If you’re looking for a new pair of leggings to wear to the gym and lounge in at home—I highly recommend these!
— Shauna Beni, Associate Ecomm Editor
This adorable limited-edition collection from Physicians Formula features face makeup like highlighter, blush, and bronzer in their best-selling “butter” formula containing three plant butters for a creamy, skin-softening finish. (The highlighter is one of my all-time favorites for its believable look and luxurious texture). Even better, proceeds from the sale of each one will go to‘s Climate Literacy Campaign for children worldwide.
— April Franzino, Beauty Director 


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