PHOTOS: New Limited Release VHS Box Plush Series Featuring 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Dumbo,' 'Monsters, Inc.,' and More Arrives at Disneyland Resort –

There’s something about classic Disney VHS cassette packaging. A new plush series available at Disneyland Resort uses a box reminiscent of the video cassette package. Five unique plush from five different films are available.
Each box includes the film’s respective plush.
Each cover is a facsimile of the VHS cassette art. Additional graphics have been added to clarify the contents and mark anniversaries.
Each package has film notes and stills on the back, just like the original cassette boxes.
A “The Classics” logo tops the spine for each with the exception of “Monsters, Inc.”
“Beauty and the Beast” comes with Beast.
Quasimodo is inside.
Sulley is the “Monsters, Inc.” plush.
It’s Pongo!
Dumbo holds his magical feather.
We found all five at The Emporium in Disneyland Park.
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