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Petra Ecclestone and her fiancé Sam Palmer have shared a glimpse into their £170 million home – which they have revealed they are selling ‘off-market’.
The eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom, 20,000sq ft Georgian-style home comes complete with the biggest garden in London‘s upmarket Kensington and Chelsea and also has a cinema room, and beauty salon, 16ft fish tank and custom built chandelier with 150,000 Swarovski crystals.
In a new clip, produced by Architectural Digest, mother-of-four Petra, 32, and her husband-to-be Sam, 38,  introduce people to their Grade II listed home, which has been transformed into a modern palace plush with gold and crystal detail.
As cameras are let into the home for the first time, Bernie Ecclestone’s youngest daughter, who’s family is worth an estimated £2billion, says: ‘This project took me five years to complete and is a home that I absolutely adore.’
It’s an unusual step for fiercely private Petra – who admitted the home will be ‘hard to sell’ and has  previously spoke about how she relocated her family to Los Angeles as she no longer felt safe at her luxury London home.
Walking into the home, Petra explains: ‘We custom built this gold bar, obviously it’s to entertain and to have lots of parties that we do not have. 
Petra and Sam commissioned a video of their £170 million Chelsea mansion which they are hoping to sell offering potential buyers a Through The Keyhole-style tour
The clip, produced by Architectural Digest, shows mother-of-four Petra and Sam introducing people to their Grade II listed Georgian home, which has been transformed into a palace of gold and crystal
Bernie Ecclestone’s youngest daughter says: ‘This project took me five years to complete and is a home that I absolutely adore’. Pictured is her ‘glam room’
Petra and fiancé Sam Palmer (pictured)  are selling their £170 million home ‘off-market’ and have recorded a revealing ten-minute video offering potential buyers the ultimate Through The Keyhole-style tour of their Chelsea mansion
‘I love this chandelier, it’s a custom chandelier with 150,000 pieces of crystals, going from bronze finishes to gold which is obviously my favourite colour. 
‘This couch is obviously one of my favourite pieces of the house, and the panther is my favourite animal which shows inspiration throughout the whole house. 
‘This is one of my favourite rooms of the whole house,’ Sam adds.
‘So the first thing that hits you when you enter this room is this magnificent crystal chandelier which is 150,000 Swarovski crystals. 
‘Behind us you will see we have a fabulous bar which is all custom built, And obviously, the panther, which features throughout the house is seen in here as well. There’s custom cabinetry throughout the whole room which gives a very 1920s Gatsby feel to this whole sort of vibe’.
The tour goes on to explore the dining room, bedrooms and ‘wellness level’. 
The video also shows a 150,000-piece crystal chandelier and Petra’s vast dressing room.
The family spent lockdown at the home, which has some unhappy memories for Petra, as she shared it with ex-husband James Stunt. 
Petra says the family spend most of their time in the kitchen, which contains a 16ft-long fish tank – home to 64 species. It is one of the largest tanks in a private residence.  
The home has a soft play area for children – which is the height of a two-storey home – for the children to play in while Petra and Sam work out
The home features a custom made chandelier complete with 15,000 Swarovski crystals in clear, gold, and bronza
The dining room and kitchen has a 16ft fish tank – the largest in a private residence – complete with 64 types of fish
The family spent lockdown at the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom, 20,000sq ft home, which has some unhappy memories for Petra, as she shared it with ex-husband James Stunt
The clip, produced by Architectural Digest, shows mother-of-four Petra and Sam introducing people to their Grade II listed Georgian home. Their underground swimming pool is pictured 
The home is filled with details of gold and black to give it a chic modern look – Petra says her favourite animal jaguar is throughout the house
Opposite is an island with a teppanyaki grill of the kind normally seen in top restaurants. Petra helpfully explains that it is where ‘your chef can cook’, but goes on to say that there’s also a second island for her to cook on – not, she admits, that she does so very often. 
‘Welcome to our formal dining room. A room that we actually use a lot,’ estate agent Sam quips.
‘We used it a lot through lock down. We had fancy dinners in here as a family, it’s darker tones in this room but softened by the natural light and of us that the garden. 
‘Obviously the first time you walk in this room, the chandelier is the main showstoppers. And there’s lots of elements of Petra, in this room, coming from the sparkles in the rug, which then elements of the table. 
‘One of my favourite parts of this room as a design feature is actually how well we’ve hidden the radiators, which is with this custom cabinetry that sits around the walls.’
The couple also explained their ‘main family kitchen’ is where they eat ‘most of their meals’ which their children love because they get to look at an ‘amazing fish tank’.   
‘It’s actually one of the rarest in the world is one of the largest in the private residence is five metres long as 64 types of fish,’ Sam explained.
The video also shows a 150,000-piece crystal chandelier and Petra’s vast dressing room – which like the rest of the home is complete in gold
Anyone for Pick n Mix? The home has an entrance to a 4D cinema complete with its own candy bar 
The home also features floating day beds. The Georgian-style home is more than 20,000 sqft and is listed off-market for £170M
The tour goes on to explore the dining room (pictured) bedrooms and ‘wellness level’. In the video the couple say they spent a lot of time in lockdown in the room for their ‘fancy family dinners’
Their separate kitchen is complete with a dishwashers double sinks, double fridges, freezers wine coolers.   
‘The house actually compromises of two homes Sloane house and Sloane Lodge,’ Sam went on, before explaining the  lodge side of the home has its own entrance which we would bring guests through for events.
Next, the couple show a dedicated underground ‘wellness level’ complete with   stepping stones and a pool. 
‘Due to permitting laws now in London, you cannot recreate this. So down here we have a 17 metre by nine metre swimming pool, spa, 10 men Jacuzzi steam, and so now floating daybeds,’ Sam explained.  
‘We have a gym for the adults, and then a really cool area for the children to play. So we’re here now in our gym, that has amazing natural light, even though we’re actually in the basement so it doesn’t feel dark and gloomy,’ he went on.  
‘One of the great things about this gym is well we work out, we’ve actually got a squash court behind us, which we turned into a kids play area so the kids are entertained while we’re working out, and this is about the size of a two storey house’.
Also on the wellness level in a a whole cinema room, with 4D technology and a cinema room big enough for 12 people. 
‘The seats actually change and vibrate with the sound of the cinema, that’s being played,’ Petra added.
Known for her glamourous looks, it’s no surprise the home also has a beauty salon.
‘There’s the pedicure station that you can get your hands and feet done, and then the washing up facing obviously to get your hair done professionally, and then the glam area where you get your makeup done, there’s definitely a lighter palette, obviously, to give a more feminine touch to the room in the walls.
‘There’s a resin with iridescent effect of sparkles and then on the doors we have nude coloured lacquer, which features throughout the lower ground levels of the house. 
Petra has three children – Lavinia, nine, and her twins James and Andrew, six – and with her ex James Stunt.
Petra and James’ divorce was finalised in October 2017, after six years of marriage. While no details of the settlement were released, it was reported that James signed a £16million prenuptial agreement, with Petra also awarded sole custody of the couple’s three children
Her daughter’s room is shown in the video as a sea of pink, while the master bedroom was designed by celeb-loved interior expert Gavin Broden.    
‘It’s definitely got a lighter tone to it than the rest of the house, it’s got news panelling throughout the room, a white Onyx fireplace,’ Petra explained.
The couple also revealed their bed is 8ft by 9ft – nearly 50 per cent bigger than the average 4’6 x 6’3 standard double bed.  ‘It’s something you could do more in LA than you can in London, but we managed to do it here’ Petra added.  
The couple also shared their ‘proper English garden’ is ‘so quiet and so peaceful’ that you’ don’t actually feel like you’re in central London’ and that they learned to play football in the garden to entertain their children. 
‘Their columns and the archers were built with the original house so it gives it a real historic feel to it,’ Petra went on.
‘I personally love historic homes and obviously I love to collect them and this garden just made it feel truly special and just such a historical magical place’. 
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