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Nulux, located at 106 River Drive in Jersey City, is a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs, for both men and women. From hair to eyelashes to full-body massages, this spacious, women-owned salon and spa has it all. Nestled in downtown Jersey City along the waterfront is a brand new business that should be on your radar. Read on to learn all about Nulux Salon + Spa in Jersey City.
Nulux salon - Spa, Barbing & Salon Services Abuja
Jennifer Resnick lived in Jersey City about 20 years ago after bouncing around in neighboring towns like Oakland and Guttenburg. Now, she calls Edgewater home.
Jennifer got her foot in the door in the beauty industry in a roundabout way. “I loved fashion and make-up since I was in high school but ended up coming to the United States to pursue a degree in computer information systems,” Jennifer told Hoboken Girl.
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After graduating from college in NYC, she worked as a bookkeeper and computer programmer for her family business. “The work was fine but not very fulfilling or aligned with my interests.”
nulux salon - Spa, Barbing & Salon Services Abuja
Because she loved beauty and fashion so much, Jennifer decided to take a chance and opened her first salon in 2010. “I focused on location as I knew that was key. I’ll admit the number of hours needed to launch and establish a business was intense but my passion and determination kept me going,” she explains.
Now, Jennifer owns not one but three salons in Jersey City with a hope to keep expanding for years to come.
Her first salon is Polish Me Nail Spa located at 117 Town Square Place in Jersey City, which was founded in 2013. Her second salon is Polish Me Nails & Spa located at 208 Washington Street in Jersey City, was founded in 2017. The most recent is Nulux Salon & Spa located at 106 River Drive in Jersey City that just debuted in March 2021.
nulux salon - Spa, Barbing & Salon Services Abuja
What inspired her to open Nulux after owning and operating two successful salons in town? “I love helping people feel confident and look their best. I also believe I have an eye for beauty. I can honestly say it is my passion, and when you come from that place, you will have great results in business and in life,” Jennifer shared.
“When speaking as a consumer, I have a very hard time finding a day off, so when I have it I want to pamper myself from head to toe. However, it’s not that easy to find a full-service salon in the area. I think this neighborhood needs one as I do,” she explains with excitement.
Nulux is truly a one-stop-shop beauty experience. You can find any and all beauty services you could desire under the same roof. “More importantly, it is my attention to quality and detail that will set us apart. Our team of talented hairstylists and medical professionals were hand-picked and share my passion for excellence. We are using only top-of-the-line products and will do our best to create dream-like results for each and every client.”
nulux salon - Spa, Barbing & Salon Services Abuja
Nulux is a spacious salon and spa with luxurious vibes and a welcoming, kind team of specialists.
Aside from regular manicures, Nulux offers UV tips set, acrylic tips set, and dip powder services.
nulux salon - Spa, Barbing & Salon Services Abuja
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To book an appointment at Nulux and to learn more about the services, visit the website. For beauty inspo and to stay in the know with the salon’s latest updates, follow it on Instagram at @nuluxspa.
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