Norton Mom Calls 911 For Sons Bad Haircut: Barber Posts TikTok –

NORTON, MA — A TikTok posted Monday shows a woman calling the police on a Norton barber because she said he cut her teenage son’s hair “too short.”
Robbie Rocco, known on TikTok as @RobbietheBonehead, was the barber who works at Boneheads BarberShop in Norton.
He took to TikTok Monday, posting two videos to the site, the first of which showed the woman calling 911 outside the shop. In the video, Rocco steps out of the shop to film the woman: “Look at this lady wasting my day,” he said directly to her.
Instead of a response, the woman held up her phone to him showing 911 had already been called and she was speaking to a dispatcher.
Into the phone, the woman asked the dispatcher, “Can you tell him to get away from me, please?” before eventually being seen walking away at the end of the clip.
As of Thursday morning, the video has been seen over 75,000 times.
Rocco referred to the woman as a “Karen,” using the popular name that has now become associated with entitled women.
“Mom #Karen called 911 on me because I cut her son’s hair too short,” the video is called.
In a second video, Rocco explains that her son came into his barbershop, requesting a “high and tight” cut.
He said the 17-year-old requested the top of his head be cut with a number 2 clipper.
“I literally stop and go, bro, a No. 2 is real short,” Rocco informed viewers. He said the woman’s son reassured him that was what he wanted, said nothing throughout the haircut, and even tipped him at the end.
Rocco said 20 minutes later, “his mom comes busting in the door.”
He said the mom was so upset she said she was going to sue him and that she would “see him in court.” Which is when Rocco said she called emergency responders.
Many of the comments under the video said people were upset by the woman’s wrongful use of the emergency line.
People added that while customer satisfaction is supposed to be important to many businesses, calling the police over unhappy service is not the right thing to do.
Rocco even commented on the second video, writing that police were annoyed when they arrived and apologized to him over the woman’s behavior, “then we laughed and I thanked them,” he wrote.
Patch reached out to the barber shop but has not heard back.


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