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The beauty industry is on a forward-march evolution to become one of the sectors with an improved contribution to Nigeria’s GDP.
Presently, many skincare and beauty companies have moved from service-only mode to manufacturing varieties of products that are in high demand and are replacing foreign products.
With a burgeoning young female population, it is projected that the beauty industry will be bullish for many years to come.
Some of the leading stakeholders in the industry who spoke in recent months expressed optimism that the beauty industry in Nigeria will ultimately produce global brands that would rival the world’s big four cosmetics companies.
One of the beauty entrepreneurs, founder, and CEO of Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa, Mimi Whyte Femi, avowed that Nigerian skincare services are at par with the best anywhere in the world.
The skincare expert said: “Just like other leading names in the industry I started small in 2012, but in 10 years, Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa has grown to become a household brand among urban women of style.”
She noted that the opinions of others that Nigerians in the skincare treatment business have world-class training and are investing in cutting-edge technology.
“Our spas in Abuja and Lagos have the world’s most sought-after aesthetics machines and our skincare products are manufactured to the highest standards and cater to all forms of skin needs and desires. Therefore, they compete favourably in the international market,” she submitted.
Femi also conformed with others that the influx of more entrepreneurs into the sector is a good omen since the newcomers will not be competing with local brands but globally.
“For example, we have serviced some five million customers since we have been in business and many of them are not even in Nigeria, likewise a lot of people in other countries buy our  products via our website. With more people joining the industry and raising their productivity, we could become a leading nation in the beauty and skincare industry,” she said.

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