Next Cash and Carry fire: Abuja biggest Supermarket burn to ashes on Sunday – BBC

For early mor-mor on Sunday na im fire bin start for di shopping complex.
Fire don burn down Next Cash and Carry wey be one of di biggest shopping mall for Nigeria capital, Abuja.
For early mor-mor on Sunday na im fire bin start for di shopping complex.
Director General, Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Idris Abass say dem still dey investigate di cause of di fire as nobody know wetin cause am.
"Wen we get di distress call we activate all di responders, to make sure say dem come early, na we first come with oda security agencies to cordon off di place to prevent looting"
"Di Police, Civil Defence, and all oda agencies including di DSS, na me first come before oda responders around 9 a.m and we coordinate di place well, we no allow anybodi enta" e tok
Dis fire dey come just months afta anoda major shopping centre, Ebeano supermarket, bin burn for Lokogoma area inside Abuja.
Di authorities say dem no know exactly how di fire take start, but some eyewitnesses tell BBC Pidgin say di fire start for early morning between 6 and 7 a.m say na spark from di first floor.
"Dis early morning we come here na im we see fire, some of di cleaners sef dey as dem bin dey prepare di place to open for di day"
"Some of di cleaners try rescue some tins but before we go know fire don full evriwia, we begin call Fire service, na afta two hours dem come, wen dem come sef water no plenti for dia tank, small time water don finish"
Anoda eyewitness wey be staff of Next Cash and Carry Supermarket tok say dem try to fight di fire with Fire Extinguisher but notin bin dey inside.
Staff member try rescue some goods from di fire
"Na small fire wen e bin start, we run go use fire extinguisher to quench am, but na ordinary breeze dey come out, all di Fire extinguishers wey dey here no dey work"
"Even di fire truck wey dis supermarket get for di backyard we wan use am but we no see key, we no know wia di key dey, like say all dis tins work, di fire for no big like dis" Di staff tok.
Goods of shop owners wey pipo fit rescue
FCT Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Ben Igwe tell tori pipo say nobodi die for di fire and notin loss due to dia timely intervention.
"We come hia early and we cordon-off di place to make sure say jaguar pipo no enta hia come loot tins, we make sure say na only genuine pipo wey get business hia na im enta di place"
"As you dey see so evriwia dey safe and we still dey try to investigate to know di actual cause of di fire"
"We work togeda with Fire service as a team and Di work dey go smoothly" e tok
However BBC Pidgin see as a combination of FCT Fire Service, Federal Fire Service, Guards Brigade Fire Service, Nigeria Navy Fire Service and Julius Berger Fire Service dem joinbodi dey try to fight di fire for more than four hours.
Next Cash and Carry Supermarket na di biggest Shopping Mall for Abuja di Nigeria Capital, na two story building, but na di ground floor customers get access to.
Na Departmental Shopping mall wey get many tins pesin wan buy, ranging from Household items to electronics, food items, furniture, generators and oda tins.
According to staff, na over 1000 pipo dey work for di mall.
Dis fire na di third major fire wey dey happun for Abuja in di last two months.
Na for inside November di Kubwa Village market fire happun wey kill ten pipo according to FEMA.
Anoda fire happun for November wey burn some part of di Nyayan market wey destroy goods worth millions of Naira.
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