Newry Turkish Barber Shop's third break-in in 18 months –

An attack on a Monaghan Street Barber Shop which saw masked raiders hurl what appeared to be a concrete block through a window has been condemned by local MLA Justin McNulty. It was the third break-in at the premises in 18 months.
Ebo’s Turkish Barber Shop was attacked in the early hours of this morning, Saturday 13 November. The attack which the shop recorded on CCTV  took nearly four minutes. Once a window was smashed one of the attackers then entered the premises. The fact that those involved seemed in no rush is even more concerning.
Talking about the incident on the Ebo’s Facebook page the owner said “In 11 years that I am in this country I have never done anything to hurt the local community and been trying my best to help and support local people. However I’m getting quite opposite in return, for the third time now over the last one and a half years.”
Speaking after learning of late night attack McNulty has suggested that there may have been a hate crime element to the incident. Police have not commented on the incident as yet.
The MLA said “The attack on a local business on late Friday night [early Saturday morning] is disturbing and troubling. It’s horrific to think that individuals and families who have chosen to make Ireland their home and who are working hard to make a living are being subjected to intimidation, abuse, and violence. There is an urgent need for our hate crimes laws to be strengthened, so as to enhance the ability of police to charge and prosecute those behind racist crimes. 
“Migration brings vibrancy and diversity to our communities and as a nation, we are known throughout the world as being welcoming and hospitable. 
“Over centuries, our forbearers have left home to build lives on distant shores by the million – the thought of them being subjected to racist hate would have been greeted with justifiable anger. Those who here and now choose to direct hatred towards people of a different ethnicity, colour or creed are betraying Irish values and they have no place in our community.”
The premises was broken into in April 2021 also.
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