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NAVASOTA, Texas (KBTX) – Career and technology students at Navasota High School are offering services to the public on certain days each week. These services will be provided by students in the cosmetology program and the vet med program.
“Navasota ISD is working to create an environment where all students can work to become college, career, and military ready,” said Kristi Ramsey, Navasota High School Principal. “There are many options and opportunities available from advanced academics, career and technical education, and fine arts programs.”
The Rattler Salon, located on the backside of the high school, officially opens its doors to the public on Oct. 21.
Every Thursday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and every first Saturday of the month students will be accepting clients to the salon.
Services include:
In the future, the salon hopes to add color treatments, pedicures, and more.
Brooke Behrends, the Navasota High School cosmetology teacher, says the students are extremely excited to be offering services to the public.
“The students are really excited to be getting to take clients and be doing haircuts and blow drys and manicures and even facials,” said Behrends. “Facials seem to be one of their favorite things.”
The Rattler students that will be performing the services will be upperclassmen, and they have been working and practicing for over a year to get to this point, according to Behrends.
“It’s taken quite a bit to get them to where they are ready,” said Behrends.
“They have had to work here on their mannequin and doing different skills, and they had to get to 100 hours before they started taking clients,” said Behrends.
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Also on campus, students in the vet med program will pamper your dog.
According to Navasota ISD, students will accept dogs for grooming each Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. on Friday at the Vet Med Lab Room 1004, which is located behind the High School.
View the image below to see the services.
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