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September 18, 2021
An arrogant nail artist humiliated and kicked out a poor woman from her salon because of her skin disease. But karma hit her hard in the face, and she quickly came to regret her actions.
“There’s no place for people like you at our salon. Get out of here!” the nail artist Beth yelled at Mrs. Carter.
“But I need a manicure right away,” Mrs. Carter explained. “I checked with other salons, and they were all booked. It’s my daughter’s wedding tomorrow, so please help me.”
Beth gave her a stern glance. “No way! You seem to have a skin disease, and we can’t allow such people in here. So, please leave!”

Mrs. Carter was refused service at the salon by the nail artist | Photo: Shutterstock

“Oh, don’t worry about that! My skin condition is not contagious,” Mrs. Carter spoke up again. “Psoriasis doesn’t spread through contact.”
Beth rolled her eyes. “Look, lady, even if it doesn’t, I don’t care. The very sight of your hands is disgusting to me! You better go to another salon or find another way out. I don’t care!”
“But…” Mrs. Carter began speaking, but Beth cut her off. “I’m not interested in listening to you. Just leave! Anyway, the beauty sphere is for beautiful people and not someone like you!”
At this point, Mrs. Carter’s eyes welled up with tears. She wanted to plead with Beth again, but she couldn’t utter a word after the harsh comments and humiliation. She somehow controlled her emotions and prepared to leave. But then she was interrupted by a voice from behind.
“Excuse me, ma’am. Please come with me. I don’t mind helping you.” A girl appeared from inside. Her name was Rose.
“Thank you so much, dear,” Mrs. Carter said as she wiped her tears. “But I don’t want to force you to help me. I’ll figure something out.”
Rose gave her a pleasant smile. “Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m aware of your skin condition. My brother has it too, and I know how it’s not contagious. So please come with me.”
Mrs. Carter thanked the young lady for her kindness and took a seat in the parlor. Rose offered Mrs. Carter tea and coffee, as she did to all her customers, but Mrs. Carter refused because she was very nervous. 
“It’s my first time in a salon ever. I usually call for someone to come to my home because I'm afraid people will judge me for my skin. But today, I didn’t have a choice,” she told Rose.
“Don’t worry, ma’am,” Rose responded with a smile. “In this case, it’s not you who should be judged but my colleague. What Beth did was awful!”
“I guess she must have been terrified after seeing my skin,” Mrs. Carter said with a smile, although she felt terrible when Beth judged her. 
“Oh, you’re just too kind!” Rose was stunned at Mrs. Carter’s kind response. “By the way, I heard it’s your daughter’s wedding tomorrow!”
“Oh, yes, it is! Her fiance is a very nice man. He’s wealthy and powerful but so down to earth!” Mrs. Carter responded cheerfully.
“I’m sure he is, ma’am.” Rose remarked. “Your daughter is extremely fortunate.”
After Rose finished giving her client a manicure, she gave her a relaxing hand massage. Mrs. Carter was delighted and left Rose a generous tip. 
Two weeks later, Mrs. Carter came back to Rose, and since then, she became a regular client. She always gave Rose a large tip, and Beth felt envious of that. 
One day, Mrs. Carter returned to the salon to meet Rose with some exciting news. She said her daughter and son-in-law had fulfilled her dream and gifted her a beauty salon for her birthday. “I always wanted to own a salon where people wouldn’t be denied service because of their appearance. I’m very happy, Rose!”
“Congrats to you, Mrs. Carter. I’m happy for you!” Rose remarked.
But Mrs. Carter had brought more than just pleasant news with her. She offered Rose a job in her new salon, which paid nearly twice as much as her previous one. Rose loved Mrs. Carter’s company, so she gladly accepted the offer. However, soon after the salon opened, a terrible incident happened.
Mrs. Carter’s salon was two shops away and across the street from the salon Beth worked. Since it was new and had an excellent infrastructure, slowly everybody started going to Mrs. Carter’s salon.
One morning when Mrs. Carter arrived at her salon, she noticed Beth was standing at the doorstep. Mrs. Carter ducked behind the wall like she hadn’t noticed her. Beth took a quick look around to see whether anyone had noticed her and then entered the salon. 
Mrs. Carter decided to follow Beth but soon observed smoke coming out from one of the windows. She dashed to the salon but was unable to open the door.
Suddenly, she heard Beth yelling. “Please help me! I’m locked here. The fire is spreading fast.”
Mrs. Carter called 911 right away and notified them of the situation. Then she gathered a group of people from the neighboring stores and managed to get Beth out. Sadly though, her salon had almost burned down by the time the fire brigade arrived.
When Beth awoke, she was in the hospital, with Mrs. Carter and a few cops standing by her bedside. “How did you end up in the fire? Did someone lock you in?” one of the cops asked.
“Well, officer…” Beth started speaking, but she paused in the middle because she didn’t know what to say. She was the one who had set fire to the salon. She was about to depart when smoke filled the room, preventing her from reaching the door and causing her to pass out.
The officer gave her a strange look. “It’s okay, take your time and let us know whatever you remember. I’m sorry about the burn marks on your hand."
Suddenly, Mrs. Carter spoke up. “There’s no need for that officer. My assistant told me the fire was due to an electric shock. I don’t need any further investigation.”
“As you wish, ma'am. But if you change your mind, let us know,” the officer replied and left.  
Beth was shocked when Mrs. Carter helped her. She began crying and begged Mrs. Carter to forgive her. “I’m sorry for treating you like that. I was the one who caused the fire. You can be honest with the cops and tell them everything!”
Mrs. Carter hugged her. “I know, but I don't want to hand you over to the cops. You’ve already suffered enough. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.”
Beth began crying even more. “I feel really terrible. I will do anything you tell me. I want to make it up to you.”
After a little thought, Mrs. Carter asked Beth, “How about joining me at the salon? I hope you won’t judge the customers, though, because that’s a strict no at my salon!”
“I won’t, Mrs. Carter. I promise I will never judge anyone again. And I’ll prove to be a good employee!” Beth replied.
A few months later, Mrs. Carter's salon was restored. Beth joined her there, and as per her promise, she never judged anyone again based on their appearance. 
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