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GREENVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) – A Muhlenberg County barber is now back to work after spending two days in the intensive care unit with COVID-19.
Barber Billy Steele sets up for a haircut Tuesday morning, like he’s done almost every day for the past 46 years.
“I started when I was 17,” Steele said.
He’s back to work after being in the hospital, battling COVID-19. He says his says his fight would have been much easier, had he gotten vaccinated beforehand.
“The pain was excruciating,” said Steele. “The pain was terrible.”
Almost every day, Steele’s co-host on their radio show, Wendell Miller, tried to convince Steele to get the shot.
“‘Billy please get the vaccine’ I will, I will Wendell, I’ll get it,” said Steele. “You know he stayed on me about getting the vaccine.”
Steele says he’s glad to be moving around at work again after the virus made him feel so sick. His vaccinated co-host says he didn’t feel a thing.
“We were both diagnosed with COVID at the same time, and he recovered, didn’t even know he had it, because he had the vaccine,” Steele said.
Now healthy and able to tell his story, he says he wishes he hadn’t put getting vaccinated on the back burner.
“I never challenged the virus, never ever. But I did think I had plenty of time,” Steele said.
Steele says he wants others to learn from what he went through.
“This virus is killing people,” he said. “It’s very dangerous.”
Now, he’s back where he belongs, giving haircuts in his shop.
We asked Steele how he’s feeling now.
“Great,” said Steele. “I’m back to normal, for a 64-year-old man.”
Steele now uses his radio show as a platform to share what he’s been through, and to encourage others to get vaccinated.
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